Double Trouble For Opposition Defences

Sydney FC’s National Premier Leagues campaign might be more than two months away but that hasn’t stopped the Sky Blues Academy preparations, with 35 new recruits already bedding in across the seven squads.

Training began last month and included 17 new players introduced into the under 13’s set up, with two brothers standing out from the crowd!

11-year olds Benji and Jacob Zaidel are identical twins and are so closely alike in looks and footballing talent, that it was tough for Sydney FC’s Academy staff to work out whether they were looking at one or two good players!

“We’d been monitoring Ben and Jake for a period of time and it became clear that they were both equally talented,” said Kelly Cross, Sydney FC Technical Director – Youth.

“You couldn’t tell them apart in terms of ability so it helped that they were wearing different coloured and numbered bibs (as all trialists do), so there were no problems identifying them.

“They are only 11-years old but they are promising young players showing creative potential and it’s great to bring them into our environment.

“They are great kids, bubbly and enthusiastic with a good attitude.  They get on well with each other and their peers.

Benji & Jacob Zaidel with dad Dani.

Ben plays as a holding midfielder while Jake plays as an attacking midfielder which made it slightly easier to identify the boys.

Dad Dani says he couldn’t be prouder of the boys.

“They are going in a year early as Sydney FC start their Academy at under 13 level.

“They’ve had a big advantage as twins kicking a football around the backyard from when they were tiny.

“They just love the game and are really ex[1]cited about it.”

Sydney FC’s senior Academy (U18/U20/NPL) begin their season in early February while the junior Academy (U13-U16) start their campaign in the middle of the same month.

Sydney FC New Academy Players

A big welcome to Sydney FC’s Academy to the following new players….

Under 13’s

Austin Craig

Benjamin Zaidel

Clyde Allan        

Domenic Onley

Harley Bermudez

Jackson Aungle

Jacob Zaidel

Jake  Wynne

Liam Sciacca

Luka Broadbent

Luka Djurovic

Peter Mitropoulos

Pico  Bangoura

Sebastian Spinozzi

Tyler Hawkett

Tyler Hogan

Under 14’s

Ethan Dyer

Jacob Turner

Under 15’s

Eizar Tanjung

George Russell

Kaedan Main

Marco Santangelo

Rhys Webster

Zachariah Harrison

Zane Stevenson

Under 16’s

Blake  Bolwell

Jack Ryu

Lucas Mounarath

Oliver Neri

Richard Nkomo

Under 18’s

Oscar Fryer

Zachary De Jesus

Unders 20’s / NPL

Bailey Callaghan

Max Buratto

Stanley Wilson