You Can DJ


You Can Play DJ at the next Sydney FC Home Game + Win a Sydney FC Merchandise Pack!

You Can DJ
How would you like to play your part in creating the atmosphere at the Sydney Football Stadium (SFS) on match days and, in turn, help inspire the players and crowd before kick-off?

Sydney FC are giving you the chance to do just that ahead of every remaining home game this season.

The club are asking fans to submit a 2 song mini playlist to be played inside the SFS during the team-s warm up session on the field prior to kick off.

With the Cove supporter group belting out football chants throughout the game, the club want to continue it-s link between fans and music and help them feel involved in influencing the match day experience inside the stadium.

Playlist Entry Details
Fans to submit two songs to be played back-to-back during the team-s warm up session on the field prior to kick off (Please note the time available here will be determined by any pre-game activity – and may result in only one song being played on occasion).

The fan whose playlist is selected will win a Sydney FC merchandise pack, will be announced on the screen and by the MC before the playlist starts and will also be identified in a news story on the clubs social media channels.

To submit a playlist simply email info@sydneyfc.com your choice of two songs along with your name, address and contact number. All entrants are reminded that Sydney FC are a family club and as such songs featuring excessive swearing or of a graphic nature will not be considered.

The deadline for all playlists to be submitted will be 9am on the Monday before the game. Once all the playlists are in, a shortlist will be drawn up by an SFC Club Panel and will be put to a public vote on the clubs website and/or social media.