Woodcock Offers Perth Insights


Looking from the outside in now, we caught up with Sydney FC new boy, and former Perth Glory defender, Riley Woodcock to get an insight into the West Australian team ahead of Saturday’s clash at nib Stadium.

How do Perth prepare for a Hyundai A-League match?

It’s a bit different over there. At Sydney, always the night before we’ll go stay at a hotel to make sure everyone is in the right mindset and make sure everyone is preparing for the game in the right way. In Perth it’s a bit different, you prepare by yourself at home and then you all meet at the game. It was still pretty normal and we’d prepare as any other team would prepare for a game throughout the week.

How do the Glory view matches against Sydney FC?

Everyone wants to beat Sydney FC and Glory was much the same. Their fans, The Shed, have quite a few songs based around not liking Sydney FC. Sydney FC was a game all the players and staff at the club always wanted to win to prove that you were a big contender in the league that year because Sydney FC was always right up there.

What would Head Coach Kenny Lowe say ahead of a clash against Sydney FC?

Kenny would always say you beat these guys today and it’s a massive statement. They’re coming across thinking that they’re the best in the country and if you beat them here today it’ll show that you’re a big force in this country.


Perth have a decent record at nib, what is it about playing there that brings out good games?

Maybe travel comes into it, but nib is a really nice pitch and kind of suited the way they play. The size of the pitch, whether other teams got tired I’m not sure, but this year they don’t seem to be the same team the past couple of years so I’m sure we’ll go across and it won’t matter whether it’s at Sydney or Perth for us.

Looking at them from the outside now, who are their danger men?

They’ve pretty much got a whole new eleven this season so looking in from the outside their foreigners look good but these are strengths that Arnie will look at and it won’t really be much of a problem for us.

What are you expecting on Saturday?

Well Glory are playing at home, they’ll have to bring the game to us. Last week we went up another level in terms of going forward so even though it’s an away game we’ll be very attacking.

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