What’s On With Rhyan Grant


Whether you’re self isolating, or have a spare hour during your working from home lunch break, everyone’s tuning into Netflix at one point or another.

For the Sky Blues it’s no different, and we’ve got their recommendations for you. It’s time to find out what your Hyundai A-League heroes are watching.

Here’s what’s playing at Rhyan Grant’s house at the moment…


What’s on at the moment?

Tiger King – Murder, Mayhem & Madness. 2020

A zoo owner spirals out of control amid a cast of eccentric characters in this true murder-for-hire story from the underworld of big cat breeding.

RG: I’ve just finished the Tiger King series. It was something completely different to everything else going around at the moment, I’m a big docco fan so that drew me in. The different story lines and they things popped up was just crazy and very eccentric. It was very interesting and I’d recommend it.

What’s up next?

Formula 1 Drive To Survive. 2020

Drivers, managers and team owners live life in the fast lane – both on and off the track – during each cutthroat season of Formula 1 racing.

RG: I’m the worst and looking for something next, I just look for days on end. I’ll probably watch the Formula 1: Drive To Survive series next actually. Everyone recommends it and I hear it’s really popular.

Ozark. 2018

A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $500 million in five years.

RG: I’ll also be tuning into the new season of Ozark, that comes out on Friday. It’s just really good and I’ve seen every season.

All time favourite?

Making a Murderer. 2018

Filmed over 13 years, this real-life thriller follows the unprecedented story of two men accused of a grisly crime they may not have committed.

RG: Back in the day when it was popular, Making A Murderer. I really like docco series and that was the first of that new trend of true crime series. It’s a popular genre and that kickstarted everything and was one of the best I’ve watched in years.

I’ll also give Rick & Morty a shoutout too, it’s a stupid cartoon that’s just funny and easy to watch.