#SydneyFanChat Transcript with Tony Pignata


Sydney FC CEO Tony Pignata spent 70 minutes on twitter engaging with Sydney FC Members and Fans on the first #SydneyFanChat this afternoon. He answered 37 questions in what was a great start to what will become a regular engagement between Sky Blues Members and Fans and Sydney FC players, coaches and staff.

Sydney FC CEO Tony Pignata spent 70 minutes on twitter engaging with Sydney FC Members and Fans on the first #SydneyFanChat this afternoon. He answered 37 questions in what was a great start to what will become a regular engagement between Sky Blues Members and Fans and Sydney FC players, coaches and staff.

Here is a transcript of the 37 questions, with Tony-s answers!

Julien Malidin: Possibility of a cross bar challenge at h/t for attendees. V entertaining costs nothing and incentive for people to turn up?
#SydneyFanChat Good idea Julien. One of many new initiatives we could do at half time. Always happy to entertain the fans and make it more interactive.

Andrew French: What are your off field aims for the club? Attendance or Community work??
#SydneyFanChat A lot of Community Work will continue to be done. Attendances need to lift and requires the support of all.

Emily Hannover: Any plans for a US Tour. Would be cool to see you face some MLS talent and I know the fans here would be interested.
#SydneyFanChat Nothing planned at this stage but would love the opportunity to play an MLS team.

Deano: Why isn-t more done for interstate Members. A Meet and Greet before a Brisbane game would be unreal for us in Queensland.
#SydneyFanChat Good Idea Dean. We-ll need to have a think on how we can do this.

Patrick Barnes: Tony. Would you be willing to offer an apology to all Nix fans on behalf of Sydney FC regarding the Hand of Payne incident?
#SydneyFanChat I remember that night very well and will never ever forget it but time to move on. Bring on Game One. See you there

Andrew French: Are there any plans to have youth games before first team games at the SFS (Allianz Stadium)? Better for fans to associate with youth team.
#SydneyFanChat Would love to do this but logistically very hard given stadium restrictions. Hope to do maybe one or two games.

CB: You guys don-t understand how lucky you are t have such an awesome leader. Premiers again in the near future.
#SydneyFanChat Too kind. Had a great time in Wellington. Thanks.

Anthony Yacoub: What would you consider to be a success for the club on and off the field next season?
#SydneyFanChat Playing finals football firstly. We need Sydney FC to be up there in the A-League and we need to build our crowds.

Shawn Smith: What-s your 90-120 day strategy to get the team focussed and winning?
#SydneyFanChat First objective is to launch our Membership campaign and get a major sponsor. Also, do you miss me at Optus?

Jess Martin: Are there any plans to target females and getting them to the games/memberships. Huge grassroots participation numbers.
#SydneyFanChat Always want to do more for the females and will continue to do so. Bg part of our strategy for fan engagement

Jim Powers: Whose going to be the next bug name marquee player at SFC
#SydneyFanChat We have Brett Emerton and Nicky Carle as our marquee players which is all we are allowed to have.

SFCU: Any chance of getting the subsidised public transport like rugby? We have members all over and travel is a big cost for many.
#SydneyFanChat We are looking into this as a benefit to our loyal Members and Fans

Sydney FC_FTT: Will there be another fan forum this year and if so is there any date in mind yet.
#SydneyFanChat Yes we will be having fan forums this year. It is a great way to interact with fans and Members. Dates will be announced soon.

James Peatman: Tony. Any new ideas to improve the level of interaction with the fans?
#SydneyFanChat Yes. It is what we are doing now, We-ll be doing this regularly with players and staff as well as many more initiatives

Michael James: Are you planning to bring back the post match functions at the SCG? The fans loved it.
#SydneyFanChat Not at this stage

Michael James: What players are you planning to add to the squad. Gold Coast folded and Sydney hasn-t signed any of them. Not good.
#SydneyFanChat Have added three quality players and some youngsters with speed. We need to sign a couple more in the near future.

Michael James: Do you agree when I say that we haven-t replaced Alex Brosque. He was a goalscorer and we-re yet to find that.
#SydneyFanChat Alex was a great striker and a quality striker is on the radar for us to sign

Doug Kors: Would you be open to holding a public Q&A like this at a venue for members to attend in person.
#SydneyFanChat Definitely and plans are underway to hold a fan forum. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Doug Kors: How important is it for the club to improve its corporate partners and sponsorship for next season?
#SydneyFanChat Very important and I-m working hard to get this going

Dean Hopkins: Is there a new kit this season?
#SydneyFanChat No new kit for this season but there-ll be new merchandise items added to last year-s range

SydneyFC: How many more players are we looking for season 2012/13? Thanks.
#SydneyFanChat Looking to add a few more quality players to make up the squad for 2012/13

Billy Naumovski: When is the club going to create a youth academy like CCM?
#SydneyFanChat We have discussed this and it is on the agenda but have no timeframe at this stage.

Kristy Beck: Is it possible to have discounted parking for Members who drive?
#SydneyFanChat Unfortunately we do not control the parking and the Trust dictate the pricing

Liam Ruz: What is the plan to keep the fans from the threat out west?
#SydneyFanChat We will continue to push our brand in all parts of Sydney. Whether it is out west or east or north or south

Joolsm3: Dirk wanted the major sponsor to share values etc. Is getting the $ in soon or ensuring the right company more important?
#SydneyFanChat Both are important

Duarte Augusto: Do you plan on sticking with Ian Crook even if results aren-t going your way?
#SydneyFanChat Well Ian hasn-t lost a game so far is he is doing a good job : – ) . I have been impressed with Ian and his style.

Madrid City Fan: I-d love to see you guys play LA Galaxy : – )
#SydneyFanChat Have played LA Galaxy twice including a fantastic night in Sydney. No plans for further games at this stage.

Martin Butler: What are the plans to re-engage with the many lost fans from Terry Butcher era, etc?
#SydneyFanChat Hoping they see the level of fan engagement we are trying to undertake. Would love them to come back and support us.

The Beautiful Game: Are we playing any games at Kogarah this season?
#SydneyFanChat Given the stadium-s unavailability we will move a game t the suburbs. Not sure where but we will sort it out very soon.

Adan Rand: Hi Tony. If New FC do play at Parra will we be able to ensure our allocation goes to deserving members rather than open public?
#SydneyFanChat Great question. We-ll be pushing that our Members get priority for this derby. Perhaps they should play it at Allianz!!

Simon O-Toole: Will there be stronger links between the W-League and A-League sides this season?
#SydneyFanChat Yes. Hoping to get a W-League together with an A-League game. Other initiatives are being considered as well.

Bianca: Who are our trial games against?
#SydneyFanChat Have announced two games v Macarthur and St George and more to be announced soon. It is important for our fans

Corbin Jennings: When are you going to start promoting Sydney FC on the Northern Beaches? This area has been a great provider of talent.
#SydneyFanChat Our players spend a lot of time in that area promoting the game due to our relationship with Manly.

Matt Wright: Will you have a front of shirt sponsor this coming season?
#SydneyFanChat Yes we will. A lot of work is being done in this area.

Phillip Stama: What do you think Western Sydney-s impact will be on Sydney FC? A guaranteed 9 pts for the boys in blue ; – )
#SydneyFanChat I can guarantee the derby atmosphere will be unbelievable and will benefit both clubs. 9pts would be great

John Weldon: Is it possible to buy a jersey anywhere in Ireland?
#SydneyFanChat You can buy the shirt at www.sydneyfc.com and g to the on line shop. It is cheaper that way for everyone

The Beautiful Game: What crowds do we have to average to break even?
#SydneyFanChat The more the merrier. We want Allianz to become a cauldron for visiting teams and act as a 12th man for our team.