#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Andrew Hoole


As he gears up for Friday’s clash against the Brisbane Roar, Andrew Hoole hosted the live Twitter chat today. During the half hour we learnt whether he’ll pick up milk for his housemates, who cuts his hair, who he’d like to face in the Asian Champions League and how many goals he’s hoping to score.

Johnson ZHANG: What are your strategies to tell arnie to beat high flying roar for top of the table clash?
I let him come up with the strategy

Riley Woodcock: Put in a request for you to move out anyway
Already spoken to Shrek, you’re out! 

Lahlan McKirdy: Favourite team to play with on FIFA?
I don’t mind playing with Dagenham & Redbridge 

Johnson ZHANG: who is your favorite teammate to work with at the sky blues and why?
Steve Corica 


Sarah: Which team mate are you especially close to ?
The whole team…except @brannerz15 & @rileywoodcock11 

Alonso Martens: In your childhood, who were your Socceroos idols?
Harry Kewell and Mark Viduka 

Blossom: any weird match day rituals/superstitions?
None really, just relax before a game 

Anthony Vescio: Would you like your own Cove chant? If you could choose, Daddy cool or Hooley Dooleys?
Yeah that’d be good! Would have to be Hooley Dooleys! 

Lachlan McKirdy: If you could pick any player in the world as a Marquee signing who would it be?
I’d love to have played with @10Ronaldinho 

Andrew Simpson: what are your thoughts on the improving Jets this year?
Good to see them do well 

Sarah: favourite food you could eat for the rest of your life ?
Chicken Schnitzel 

David Lewis: I think you’ve got all the skills, bar sticking it in the net a bit more. Is this something GA has you working on?
Yes! I’d like to score at least five this year but hopefully more 

Simon Overall: Potato scallops or potato cakes

Alonso Martens: Andrew, are you looking forward to play the @TheAFCCL neat year? knowing that Sydney returns to ACL after 5 years
Yeah it’ll be good to experience the competition! 

Brandon O’Neill: Ok on a serious note Andrew- we need milk, so if you can stop by the shops on the way home that would be unreal
Sure no worries! Transfer me the money? 

Alonso Martens: Hi Andrew, do you wish to be called to the Socceroos soon to play the FIFA World Cup qualifiiers?
That’d be great, it’s always a dream to play for the national team 

Alex Wain: You can either score the winning goal @wswanderersfc in the 93rd min or bag a hat-trick @gomvfc which would it be?
Wanderers in the 93rd minute!! 

Jolene Doherty: Which team mate has the craziest sense of humour?
Seb Ryall, because he’s always joking around  


Dylan: favourite part of playing for Sydney?
Playing for the fans 

Anthony Futia: who is your favourite EPL team
I like @LFC 

Ivan Necevski: how do you pronounce your dj name?
DJ Pickles… 

Ivan Necevski: Where do you get you inspiration for your hair cuts?
.@MickaelTavares6 gives me inspiration. 

FC Five Dock: Hi Andrew, how old were you when you started playing, for which club and were you any good?
i started playing at 5 for Lambton Jaffas. Average at best!  

Wally: Hey Andrew, are @RhyanGrant & Seb Ryall a better love story than Twilight?
Yes definitely! 

Covette: Does @ShaneSmeltz’s beard have its own personality?
He’s got something growing in there!


Rebecca: Who is your favourite Footballer out of Messi or Ronaldo?
Ronaldo, he’s incredible to watch! 

Riley Woodcock: Hey Andrew, what do you prefer, so fresh Autumn 2009 or Spring 2008 ?
Has to be Spring 2008!

Kiki Naumoff: Just wondering who cut your hair last week? Nice cut, really liked it.
Local Lawnmower 

Anthony Vescio: Hey Andrew! Which starter Pokemon did you choose?
Never played it, I was too busy kicking a football instead! 

Alex Painemilla: hey andrew, You think you could make a 10 second intro song for the NBBS podcast? 

Dave: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

David Warriner: And how much did you all lose on the #MelbourneCup yesterday?!!
I was up! 

Craig Aldred: how do you feel about Foxtel not showing anymore epl games after this year
It’s disappointing, I enjoy watching the games 

David Warriner: Hooley what’s it like living with @brannerz15 & @rileywoodcock11? What bad habits do they have?
It’s an absolute nightmare! Need to hide @brannerz15 Nutella ice cream!


Brandon O’Neill: Hey Andrew, here’s a good question for you- who’s your favourite housemate?
My DJ decks 😉

CHRISTOPHER: Favourite player from the last decade of the ALeague?
Has to be @brannerz15! 

Todd Blackwell: fitting in ok mate ?
the team environment is great 

Johnson ZHANG: not long ago I asked @brannerz15 about opponent he like to face in ACL do you also wish to face Shanghai Shenhua?
Yeah that’d be decent! 

Johnson ZHANG: hi andrew, you played in your first ever Sydney Derby. Who was your tough opponent you faced against in WSW & why?
Scott Jamieson 

Alex Lucas: Hi Andrew, have you gone beyond your own expectations ? How do you keep calm before each match? All the best!
I don’t feel i’ve gone beyond them because i try to set my self the highest goals possible.  #

YUMNA: Hi Andrew… I want to know,What kind of music do you like and what’s your favourite band/musician..??
Progressive and electro and dance. I like Hardwell, Tiesto and Calvin Harris 

Charolie: what are your personal goals for this season?
score as many goals as possible and contribute to the team! 

Sarah: What other sports do you enjoy other than soccer?
Tennis and Golf 

Sarah: What is your ritual before a game ?
None really, just relax 

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