Sydney FC’s Most Loyal Fan Turned Player?

In terms of Sydney FC Members and fans, you might not find one more dedicated and loyal than current Isuzu-Ute A-League Men’s midfielder Jake Girdwood-Reich.

The Sky Blues Academy graduate signed his first contract with the Sky Blues first team in May, but it was certainly not the first time he has signed up to the club.

Twelve years ago the 18-year old joined the club’s Junior Blues program and fell in love with the Sky Blues, even becoming a face of the club’s UNICEF shirt partnership back in 2012.

Jake Girdwood-Reich (left) aged 8 years old with friend Edan as Sydney FC launched its partnership with UNICEF.

“I joined when I was six years old and I was so happy because I got one of those entry cards and went to every single game,” he said.

“I just remember the big stadium, watching the boys in sky blue and being in ‘The Cove’ supporting them.

“I remember Del Piero’s first home game when he scored that free-kick.  I was up at the top of the stadium that day with my dad, so I had a very good view of it.

“As I got older me and my friend Edan used to catch the bus and we were always excited to watch the game and the team I wanted to play for.

“Being a part of the squad now is a dream come true for me.”

Girdwood-Reich in action for the Sky Blues NPL side.

Jake’s mother worked for Unicef’s Global Parents at the time, which is when the charity became Sydney FC’s front of shirt partner.

With his passion for the club, he was an obvious choice to be part of the launch.

“She was with Unicef which is why this photo was taken before the Wellington game in February 2012,” he continued.

“I always used to bring that Barca kit to games until I got my first Sydney FC jersey.

“I remember that photo being taken. I think someone called us over and we jumped the gate and got close to the field.

“It was very exciting to see the Allianz Stadium from the field and some of the players close up.

“I’ve always supported Sydney FC and that has stuck by me until this day.

“It probably will for my whole life.”

Girdwood-Reich is also part of Sydney FC’s National Premier League NSW Men’s One team currently sitting third on the ladder.

He will be part of the A-League Men’s squad to face Central Coast Mariners in the Australia Cup on Sunday 31st July at Leichhardt Oval – kick off at 4pm.