Sydney FC Benefit From Workplace Law Scholarship

Long-term Sydney FC Business Club Members Workplace Law are going a step further in their support of women in sport, by setting up a scholarship to help talented female sports administrators achieve their career goals.

Already advocates for women’s football and fervent supporters of the Sky Blues’ A-League Women’s squad, Workplace Law want to improve the numbers of women in senior management across sport.

The company is offering $10,000 in funding to Sydney FC to help promote further opportunities for women in the workplace.

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Workplace Law Chief Executive Officer Shane Koelmeyer said: “As a natural extension of our Female Champions program supporting female athletes, we are delighted to announce details of the Workplace Law Scholarship.

“We recognise that not every woman who loves sport and wants to work in the sports industry can play for their club or country.

“So, we have decided to support women who love sport and who would like to make a career in sports administration.

“We wanted to partner with Sydney FC because there are some amazing women working at the club.

“Sydney FC has also proven to be the gold standard when it comes to supporting women in sport.”

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Sydney FC Business Club Member Workplace Law is providing a scholarship to help promote further opportunities for women in the workplace.

The Scholarship is open to all female employees across Sydney FC with Sky Blues General Manager, Commercial Strategy Helena Dorczak (lead picture), General Manager, Partnerships Jessica Allan and General Manager, Consumer Business & Community Hannah Lidster all successful in receiving the first awards.

Helena who is currently studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science says the funding will provide a great benefit to women in the sports landscape.

“There are many talented and aspiring female sports administrators wanting to improve their skills and grants such as this from Workplace Law will only help increase the opportunities available to them and the visibility of females within a traditionally male dominated industry.”

Jess will study a course in Leading with Emotional Intelligence at work. She thanked Workplace Law for the support.

“I’ve seen first-hand through many years of working with Workplace Law their passion for helping and promoting female athletes and administrators.  This is a fabulous initiative and will help many women in sport in the future.”

Hannah will use the grant to learn about Finance and Directorship and says it will undoubtedly help improve female representation in senior roles.

“The scholarship is an excellent way for Workplace Law to support the career progression of women who want to become decision makers and leaders, including myself.

“It’s fantastic to have such a supportive partner who is dedicated to championing women in the workplace.”

Koelmeyer is excited to launch the scholarship and to see the results it will produce.

“Through our educational scholarship, in conjunction with Sydney FC, Workplace Law will support three talented women in Jessica, Hannah and Helena at Sydney FC to develop their skills & further their careers in sports administration.

“Together with Sydney FC we will work to ensure talented female administrators are set up to succeed & thrive in their career.”

Workplace Law have been A-League Women’s Partners and are current Sydney FC Business Club Members.

They’ve been official Sydney FC Members since season one of the A-League.