Sky Blues Accept Sanction Over City And Western Games

Sydney FC has accepted a $5,000 fine and a four-goal penalty from the Australian Professional Leagues (APL) after an oversight which meant not enough under-23 players were named in two Isuzu-Ute A-League matches this season.

The club has acted quickly to put in place a more thorough process of checks to ensure no such sanction should be awarded in future.

Sydney FC has also requested APL strengthens its own processes so discrepancies are picked up earlier, rather than by rival clubs, with errors relayed by the game day Match Commissioner once the team sheets are submitted and the relevant APL department before the next game.

The rule was introduced two seasons ago to help squads cope with fixture congestion during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as provide more opportunities to youth players, and means clubs can field up to 18 in a match day squad (seven substitutes) providing they include at least three under-23 players.

The Sky Blues were sanctioned for an away game against Western United and a home game against Melbourne City in February.