Sunday Story – Jada Whyman

“Like a Tim Cahill leap for a header!”

That’s how one commentator described Jada Whyman’s ability to jump four feet off the ground and pluck a cross from the air, seemingly without the need for gravity.

Her spectacular spring and amazing shot stopping ability are two of the key traits which have made her the Liberty A-League’s number one keeper.

But for three sliding doors moments aged 13, ten years ago, things may have been incredibly different.

“I started playing AFL and softball first,” Jada explained.

“And AFL was probably my like, I loved that sport, but you could only play to 13 as a girl because then they stopped. You couldn’t play in a mixed team or anything like that.

“So my Pop suggested a different sport for me to try out and my friend’s parents owned a football club in Wagga.

Jada Whyman in Sydney FC’s 2022-23 goalkeepers outfit.

“So they asked me if I wanted to join and I was like, yeah, sure!

“I didn’t start in goal, I was a defender at first and then I tried for the Wagga rep team.

“All the positions were taken except goalkeeper and that one was my favourite because they didn’t want you to run either!” Jada joked.

And that was it, the journey to becoming a three-time Premiership winner and Matildas squad member had begun.

Today Whyman will attempt to win a place with Sydney FC in her fourth consecutive Grand Final when the Sky Blues face Western United in the Semi-Final at Allianz Stadium (kick off 5.45pm).

“It’s been pretty awesome to be in the past Finals Series because it’s do or die scenarios,” she said

“Being on top for the majority of the season is pretty cool but it doesn’t matter after that when you get into the Finals, you need to perform and I really enjoy that because there’s no room for error.

“I did not think I was going to do as much as I have already in football,” she continued.

Whyman has recently returned from the Matildas squad in England

“Football is definitely taking me to places that I never thought I’d ever go and I’m very grateful for that.

“I guess young Jada would be I guess pretty happy and proud of what Jada has done so far.

“And for me now, I can’t wait to see what I do for the rest of my career.”

We can’t wait to see either and it starts again with tonight’s semi final at Allianz Stadium at 5.45pm.

Match Details

Sydney FC v Western United
Liberty A-League Semi Final
Sunday 16th April 2023
Allianz Stadium, Sydney, NSW
Kick Off: 5:45pm AEST
Gates Open: 2:00pm AEST
Broadcast Live: Paramount+ & 10Play
Tickets: Click Here