Step inside our Virtual Photo Booth

Create your child’s free Sydney FC Holiday Clinic Image now!

All you need to do is upload their photo and we’ll put them in the picture so you can share on your socials. And it’s all Free!

There’s even a chance to win a place at our Sydney FC Skills Training Program!

Get your personalised picture now!

How it works:

1 – Open the link on your mobile phone and take a picture or choose an image from your photos.

2 – Wait for the image to load.

3 – Pinch and drag your photo to find a perfect fit and hit the tick on the top right. Not happy with the image? Click the button at the top of the screen and find a new photo.

4 – Once you are happy, either load your Sydney FC personalised picture straight to Instagram or add the image to your photos and then upload to Facebook.

It’s that simple.

When that’s all sorted there’s a chance to enter our competition to win a place at our Sydney FC Skills Training Program.

Don’t forget to send your friends the link so they can create their own image!

Here’s the link again.

Oh yes, the legal bit.

If you want to check out the competition T&C’s…they are here!