Spotlight On: Brandon O’Neill




Learn a bit more about young Sydney FC midfielder Brandon O’Neill. Find out what coffee he orders, his pre-match routine, and more!



Three people you’d invite over for a party?

Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Barack Obama.

Worst habit?

My worst habit would be the fact that I’ve always got to play in a clean pair of boots.


Coffee order?

Either a skinny latte or a piccolo.

Favourite colour?


Can you cook? What’s your specialty?

Yes I can cook. My specialty is salmon, grilled to perfection.

Ideal holiday?

Somewhere relaxing, where you haven’t got much around you. Just the ocean, the sand and somewhere to rest.


Which actor would play you in a movie?

Steve Carell because he’s a funny guy.

Most used emoji?

The stock standard smiley face ?

Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

My mum and dad. They left their familiar background in Ireland to make a fresh start over in Australia. It took a lot of courage for them to do it, leaving their family and friends. Taking that leap to Australia to raise their family was pretty gutsy of them, so every time I think about that it gives me inspiration to be away from family and friends over in Sydney and carry on what I want to do with football.

Describe your game day routine:

I have two poached eggs with a bit of toast in the morning. Then I go for a walk to the corner shop for a coffee before coming back and having a bath. I always like to have a bath on match day to relax. I’ll then watch a film to take my mind off things and have a bit of lunch, either pasta or more carbs to top up from the night before. I then put my suit on and have my pre-match meal which is some banana bread and fruit, and if I’m still hungry some more pasta. Then it’s straight to the game for the business.