Spotlight On: Aubrey Bledsoe


Get to know more about our latest Westfield W-League signing, NWSL Goalkeeper Aubrey Bledsoe.




Three people you’d invite over for a party:

I have three siblings so I’d have to say them! I’ll win sister of the year for that!

Worst habit:

I don’t have too many bad habits, at least no one has told me!

Coffee order:


Favourite colour:


Can you cook – what’s your specialty:

Yes – I keep it pretty simply, chicken sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts.

Ideal holiday:

I loved Italy, no where in particular, I travelled the country with my sister and loved it.

Most used emoji:

The blushing smiley face

Biggest inspiration and why:

My mum, she’s the most hard working and sacrificial person I know.

Describe your game day routine:

I like to relax, I have a pre-game playlist I always listen to that’s pretty chilled music to help me focus.


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