Spotlight On: Amy Harrison


A Sky Blue Westfield W-League star and Westfield Matilda, get to know more about Sydney FC young gun Amy Harrison. Find out what coffee she orders, her favourite colour and her worst habit.


Amz or Harro

Three people you’d invite over for a party:

Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and Beyonce

Worst habit:

I play with my eyebrows, it’s weird

Coffee order:

Usually a small cap


Favourite colour:


Can you cook – what’s your specialty:

Breakfast – I tend to make poached eggs on toast with avo

Ideal holiday:

I love Hawaii but I’d love to go to Bora Bora

Which actor would play you in a movie:

Margot Robbie

Most used emoji:

The upside down smiling face

Describe your game day routine:

Have a sleep in, have a big breakfast or brunch with a coffee, and then I always have to play music while I’m getting ready