Segecic – We’re Setting High Standards

Sydney FC’s New South Wales, National Premier League star Adrian Segecic is currently part of the Sky Blues AFC Champions League squad in Vietnam.

However, the youngster had time to take out and talk about the fantastic start to the season the Sky Blues have enjoyed in the NPL.

This Sunday the Sky Blues, minus Segecic, take on Sydney Olympic at Ilinden Sports Centre in a 4.30pm kick off.

How happy have you been with the start of the NPL season?

The lads were disappointed from last season (12th place) and we needed a big reaction to start this season.  Everyone has put in a lot of effort and the standards are really high, so going undefeated in the first six matches was massive.

We had two draws (in the first six games), but I think we could have easily grabbed all three points in every game, so I’m delighted.  The boys are pumped, so we will just continue and hopefully we can win the season and make the Finals.

Were you surprised by the good start?

I knew everyone was really keen and training hard, so I wasn’t really surprised and knew the boys were going to kill it.  Hopefully we can continue like this and keep going.

Any reason everyone has gelled so well?

I think we all really want it this year and also we’ve had a bit of luck.  We’ve always had the quality, it has just been about being that little bit smarter, getting that experience and giving everything.

Sydney FC’s Adrian Segecic made his Isuzu Ute A-League debut against Macarthur FC in December 2021.

Being such a young team, how is it coming up against Men who are a lot older?

I think in the first few games it was a little bit daunting, but once we realized how well we’ve been playing and gelling, I think we’ve all had each other’s backs and have fought for each other.

We began working together more easily and making everyone else’s job a lot easier and I thought we’ve done really well after that.

How is it playing for Head Coach Jimmy van Weeren?

It’s been very good, I’ve been with Jimmy and Howie [Howard Fondyke] for a few years now and they’ve always had high expectations for us and this year we’ve hit that from the start so hopefully we can keep doing it.

How has your first trip overseas with the first team in the ACL 2022?

It’s a good experience for me travelling overseas for the first time with the squad and experiencing AFC Champions League football and hopefully I will get a bit of game time to see how it actually feels playing.

Seeing the boys out there it looks a very good standard and would be a very good experience for me if I can get on the pitch.

How has training been with the ACL squad?

I’ve been training with the boys for a while now and the training has been good.  The heat is killing us, but the boys are adapting and the longer we’ve been training and the longer we are here, the easier the conditions get.