My Top 5s – Andrew Redmayne

Here’s a bit more on our number one Andrew Redmayne and his ‘Top 5’ goalkeepers.

Find out the shot-stoppers he has looked up to and who have influenced Redders. 

Jens Lehmann Arsenal 1500x1000
Jens Lehmann was an Arsenal ‘Invincible’

Jens Lehmann

“Being an Arsenal fan I thought he was a cut above.  He was made from the same mould as a lot of those great German goalkeepers.

“He was part of the ‘Invincibles’ Arsenal squad and will go down as one of the Premier League and even World’s greatest goalkeepers.

“I also got to watch him train a few times when I was at Arsenal, so it was good to see him in the flesh and he definitely influenced me at that time.”

Gianluigi Buffon 1500x1000
Buffon lifts the Italian Cup last season

Gianluigi Buffon

“Buffon has done it all.  He has played at the highest level for so long and has won pretty much every trophy there is.

“He is definitely one of the all-time greats in goalkeeping terms.”

Peter Schmeichel

“I just liked the way Schmeichel went about things. He wasn’t the most technically gifted goalkeeper but he was incredibly brave.

“He’d throw his body at the ball in any situation to try to stop it.”

Schmeichel 1500x1000
Peter Schmeichel after winning the UEFA Champions League in 1999

Mark Schwarzer

“He was an Australian plying his trade at the highest level in England and it was great to see.

“It was just as I was coming through and he was a huge motivation and idol for me growing up.”

Mark Schwarzer 1500x1000
Mark Schwarzer saves a penalty for Fulham against his former club Middlesbrough

Manuel Neuer

“He’s another one in the German mould.  He’s a very offensive goalkeeper so I think we have a similar style of game.

“That’s why I’d have him in my top five.”

Manuel Neuer 1500x1000
Neuer tips one over for Bayern Munich