Members’ Appreciation Round – Member Profile – Sam Vartuli

This week it’s Members Appreciation Round so we thought we’d give the stage to one of our longest serving Members – who is also the father of one of our players, Academy goalkeeper Max Vartuli, who sat on the bench in the Sydney Derby last month.

Find out a little bit more about Sam!!.

Name: Sam Vartuli

What’s Member Number: 00025

How Long A Member: Foundation Member & Lokomotive Cove Player

Where Do You Sit: Above the players’ tunnel – Platinum Plus.

Who Do You Go To The Games With:  We used to go with the whole family but since the boys have grown up they have their football games so now it’s just my wife and I, plus an uncle, and my sister and brother-in-law.

Best Thing About Gameday: It’s taking time out and spending time with the family.  Obviously I’m a football fanatic and when you’ve got a Membership there are no excuses – you’ve got to show up rain or shine.

We’ve managed to go to them all since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Favourite All-Time Player: Alessandro Del Piero.

Sam Vartuli (front pulling up socks) playing for Lokomotiv Cove back in the day. Recognise anyone else?

Favourite Moment: The first Grand Final when Dwight Yorke was captain was my favourite.  I’d been a player and a coach in the local game for a while, so to see a packed house for that Grand Final felt like football had come of age.

Big Blue Or Sydney Derby: The Sydney Derby rivalry has been great.  The Big Blue was special when Muscat was involved and we really enjoyed going to a few of the Australia Day games in Melbourne.

What Will The Score Be Against Melbourne Victory:

My heart says 2-0.

Member Number 00025 Sam Vartuli (left) and son Max on the pitch at Allianz Stadium five years ago.

Why Will You Be Coming To The New Allianz Stadium:

It’s one of our recreational things that we do together and it has now become a tradition.  We’d been waiting for years for the A-League to happen when it came so it’s great to still be a part of it.  I also don’t want to give up the Membership number 25.

What Does It Mean To Be A Sydney FC Member:

It’s about supporting the sport that I love and the team who was the first A-League club in the city that I love.

How Did It Feel To See Max On The Bench In The Last Sydney Derby:

It was pretty exciting for us.  I was pleased for him because he’s worked hard at his craft and has been rewarded for it.  He put his life on hold in other areas and it was awesome.