Mate v Mate: Josh Brillante & Brandon O’Neill


Ahead of our “Mates Night Out” home clash against the Wellington Phoenix at Allianz Stadium, we caught up with Sky Blue pals Brandon O’Neill and Josh Brillante to find out just how well they know each other.

The Sky Blues “Mate’s Night Out” home clash against Wellington Phoenix at Allianz Stadium sees two GA tickets priced for just $50, while other promotions and themed activities on the night itself will also revolve around mateship.


How long have you known each other for?

O’Neill: I’ve known Josh for about upwards of 5 or 6 years with our involvement with the Young Socceroos and Olyroos. I’ve always really gotten along with him and it was good to see him move to Sydney FC this year and to get to live with him. He’s a top bloke.

Brillante: Probably 4 or 5 years now. We first met when he came into one of the Young Socceroos camps and then once I moved here to Sydney FC.

How’d the friendship start?

O’Neill: The friendship started around four and half years ago. I got called up to my first Young Socceroos camp when we went to Vietnam I think, and when we got into the camp we ended up talking and having a good laugh. I remember when we used to do recovery we used to go to the pool and wrestle, spear tackle each other off the pool deck, that sort of stuff.

Brillante: We kicked it off when we were in camp, he’s a nice guy and easy to get along with. When he heard I was moving to Sydney FC he got in contact with me again, we already had a friendship there and it wasn’t hard to continue that.


What’s his most annoying habit around the house?

O’Neill: He hasn’t really got one. He’s spot on with everything, there’s not a thing where you can say he does something wrong. He washes the dishes, he’s an amazing cook, he keeps everything tidy and whenever you need him he’s there for you. His most annoying habit is you can rely on him 24/7.

Brillante: He doesn’t really have any. He’s probably too clean if anything.

What’s his best habit around the house?

O’Neill: Cooking, he’s an absolute unbelievable cook. Whether it’s a pasta dish he learnt in Italy or he does something on the barbeque, he’s a phenomenal cook.

Brillante: It’s the same thing probably, he’s too tidy but that’s a good thing.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from my home away from home, Concord.???

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How well do you know each other:

Middle name?

O’Neill: No idea. (O’Neill’s – Myles Darragh) 

Brillante: He told me this once before, but I don’t know. (Brillante’s – Hasn’t got one)

Favourite food?

O’Neill: I’d say eggs or Nutella. (O’Neill’s – Nutella)

Brillante: I know he loves pumpkin soup, and Nutella.  (Brillante’s – Crumbed steak with mash)


Favourite colour?

O’Neill: I’d say Blue. (O’Neill’s – Green)

Brillante: Red I think. (Brillante’s – Blue)

Favourite TV Show?

O’Neill: Seinfeld 100%. (O’Neill’s – Ex On The Beach)

Brillante: He loves watching Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach. (Brillante’s – Seinfeld)

Favourite hobby?

O’Neill: Going to the beach or for a swim. (O’Neill’s – Going to the races)

Brillante: He loves his horse racing. (Brillante’s – Beach and listening to music)


Livin or what

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