Joel King on surreal debut

Sydney FC left back Joel King was ecstatic to make his Socceroos debut in last night’s win over Vietnam in Melbourne. The fullback is still pinching himself when thinking about walking out in the green and gold and is eager for more action.

“It was a surreal moment walking out in the green and gold next to some players I’ve looked up to in my life,” King said.

“It was a moment I didn’t expect to come so early in my career but one I’m very grateful for and thankful that Arnie [Graham Arnold] had enough trust in me.”

King admits that he would be lying if he wasn’t feeling any pre-game nerves.

“Throughout the day I was ok but when I got to the stadium I started to get a bit nervous.  But after warming up the nerves went away and once I got a few touches of the ball I started to relax a bit more and play my normal game.”

“Everything was 100 miles an hour at the start so I was a bit sketchy, but I tried to keep it simple and give it to the boys who are more creative.”

“After the game I thought I’d done ok, made a few mistakes but I was quite pleased overall.”

King realized he’d be making his debut when international teammate Aziz Behich was caught in Europe due to a snowstorm and couldn’t make the flight down to Australia.

“I found out he [Behich] wasn’t travelling yesterday morning when Rene, the assistant coach, told me and said don’t be surprised if you are in the team. Looking back at it now, I’m grateful they had the trust in me.

“Quite a few people like my friends and family have been in touch to say well done, and a lot of Sydney FC boys as well.  I’ve had a lot of messages so it’s a good feeling.”

“I’m not sure what the line up will be in Oman, Aziz is a great player with more experience than me so I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back into the starting line-up.

“But if I do get the opportunity I will do my best again.”