An Injury Update With Chris Zuvela


We checked in with Chris Zuvela to get an update on his progress following his knee injury last month.

We checked in with Chris Zuvela to get an update on his progress following his knee injury last month.


It’s been a couple of weeks since your injury, how is everything going?

Everything is going really good at the moment. I’ve started my recovery now and the physios are saying everything is going better than expected which is pleasing to hear.

This is your first injury, how are you handling it?

It’s my first injury but I think I’m handling it pretty well.  [Head of High Performance] Elias Boukarim has sent me programs to do at home and at training.  Whatever I’m doing at training I’m also doing at home, icing and trying to keep on top of it so I can be back as soon as possible.

When do you hope to be back?

I don’t know an exact time limit for when I’ll be back but sooner rather than later is my target.

What work has our medical department got you doing at the moment?

At the moment they’ve got me doing heaps of work around my knee, hamstring work, strengthening the quads. I’ll be getting back into straight line running and small ball work soon too.


It sounds like you’re on the mend quickly, you must be pleased?

I’m really happy with how the injury has played out. I didn’t really to expect to be back doing what I’m doing so soon so that’s promising.

Trent Buhagiar and Ben Warland were recently injured too, are you keeping each other company during the recovery process?

Absolutely!  We are in this together, we’re trying to keep mentally strong, and it’s getting better as it goes. We’re definitely in it together and we’re helping each other as much as we can.

What about Steve Corica, what’s he said?

He’s shocked that I’m about to get running again at this point! I just want him to know I’ll be back as soon as possible.

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