Injury Update


Sydney FC physiotherapist Stan Ivancic give us an insight into his current work on the treatment table.


Pascal Bosschaart (recovering from Achilles surgery)

Pascal is progressing well, he is still non weight bearing but he is doing some upper body exercises, and hip and knee exercises to keep the muscles intact. He-s on track for another week or two to gradually start on graded weight bearing exercises.

Brett Emerton (recovering from ankle surgery)

Brett is progressing well too. He is going start some passive exercises this week. He is still in a boot and crutches but in terms of pain and range of motion of the ankle, it-s progressing well and the swelling has come down significantly too.

Nathan Sherlock (recovering from groin surgery)

Nathan is coming along very well. The doctors are very happy with the way his surgery has healed. He is still doing a home programme of graded exercises and core strengthening exercises and we are envisaging he-ll be able to do low grade jogging by the end of next week.

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