“I was in so much pain” – Tobin

After rupturing her ACL in the opening game of the Liberty A-League season, Nat Tobin has spoken exclusively to us on the events of that ground-breaking evening for Women’s football.

In front of the largest ever crowd for a Women’s domestic football match in Australia, Nat Tobin’s evening was going to perfect plan with her side leading 2-0 against their cross-town rivals.

That was until an innocuous challenge in the second half which ended her season almost as soon as it began.

“I went to tackle and planted my foot and I felt something go.

“I’ve never done an ACL before so I thought it felt like I had dislocated it but the pain was quite severe,” Tobin said.

“I remember Jada [Whyman] and I just wanted to hold her hand because I was just in so much pain.”

Nat Tobin is stretchered off the pitch

Tobin was stretchered off with visible tears running down her face and after undergoing scans, it was confirmed a few days later that she had ruptured her ACL and her season was over.

“It’s been quite a painful week since the surgery,” the 26-year-old said.

“Everyday it is getting a little less painful which is great.

“I am honestly feeling so well supported. The amount of messages and flowers and vouchers and cards that I’ve received, I’ve never felt so loved.

“Yes it’s a real negative but there has been some lovely positives to come out of it.”

Nat picked up the Player of the Season last season

Princess Ibini will take over the armband duties in place of Nat with the captain remaining involved on the sidelines and at training.

The centre-back took a moment to reflect on the friendship she has with her team-mates and fought back the tears as she thinks about the support she gained in the short space of time since the injury.

Nat Tobin and Princess Ibini are great friends on and off the pitch

“It makes me really emotional,” the captain says as she wells up.

“Prinny [Princess] made me a card from everyone in the team which is so lovely and I am so grateful to have her and so many friends like that in the team.

“I am definitely feeling the love.”