How Well Does Hagi Know Rhyan?


We caught up with former Sky Blue Hagi Gligor and quizzed him on his former housemate, and current Sydney FC star Rhyan Grant to see how well Gligor still knows the Sky Blues number 23 following his move west. See how well Gligor did.

Favourite TV show?

HG: His favourite TV Show, I’m going to say Walking Dead.

RG: I used to watch Game of Thrones pretty regularly so I’m sure he’ll remember that!

Favourite Musician/Artist?

HG: He’s got a few. I’m trying to think, we used to play a lot of music in the car. Chet Faker? I actually knew that!

RG: Chet Faker, that’s an easy one for him.

Favourite hobby during your time off?

HG: We used to go out to the park and kick a footy or throw a frisbee.

RG: We’d actually kick an AFL ball or an NRL ball together because we actually lived right next to a park so it’d probably be doing that or going and getting a coffee.

Worst habit in the house?

HG: He didn’t really have any bad habits, it was more just when he’d eat his jaw would make this funny noise.

RG: I reckon he’ll say the way my jaw used to click when I’d eat.

Was he a decent cook?

HG: Yeah he was a good cook, he’d used to love cooking and I’d say he was better than me.

RG: I was alright, we used to cook together a lot. We mostly cooked pasta and meat, any easy meat to cook. I reckon he’ll say I’m the better cook.

Funniest moment in the house?

HG: There was a few. We had the next door neighbour that always used to complain when we’d run around the room.

RG: There’s a few I wouldn’t be able to say in an interview. I’m not sure, let’s see what he says.

What would annoy him the most in the house?

HG: I used to borrow his clothes when he was away on trips, I reckon he’d think that was the most annoying thing.

RG: Nothing really, we got on pretty well.

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