Get To Know: Georgia Yeoman-Dale


Georgia Yeoman-Dale’s arrival at the Sky Blues for the Westfield W-League 2016/17 season slipped under the radar for many, and here we caught up with here to find out a bit more about our young defender.

Get to know our new star:

What was your junior club?

In Canberra, it was Majura FC.

What’s your nickname at Sydney FC?

No, the girls haven’t given me one yet.

What are your footballing highlights?

Making my debut for Australia.


Which sporting teams do you support?

I don’t really follow anyone. I enjoy watching Tottenham play, I like their style of play. Ever since moving to Sydney FC this year I feel connected to the Sydney FC boys which is cool.

What would your last meal be?


What are your hobbies outside of football?

None really, just studying. I’m doing a double degree in civil engineering and commerce.

Who’s the funniest team mate?

Definitely Servet, she can make anyone laugh about anything.


If you could play football with any player past or present, who would it be?

Carli Lloyd.

Coffee order?

A regular latte, nothing fancy.

Favourite colour?


Ideal holiday?

Somewhere in the forest.

Most used emoji?

I’d say just the regular smiley face.

Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

At the moment I’m ready Carli Lloyd’s book and I’m finding that quite inspirational, but that’s only a new thing.

Describe your game day routine:

Morning walk, out for breakfast and coffee, then just relaxing before peanut butter and banana sandwich pre-match. 

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