Get To Know: Alex Brosque


Each Friday we’re asking the important questions as we profile Sydney FC’s Team of the Decade and former players. Find out who their funniest team mate was, what their favourite away trip was, who they believe was the worst dancer at the club and more!

How did it feel to be named in Sydney FC’s Team of the Decade?

Very flattering, any sort of achievement like that is quite nice and to be recognised in that way is, like I said, very flattering. 

Funniest Sydney FC memory?

Hard to remember a standout funniest memory, but one that’s definitely up there was a few years ago involving a coach and an assistant that won’t be named. Occasionally our assistant coach would get up and say things in our team meetings and in the background the coach would be making physical actions to emphasise the point being made. So if the assistant said to the boys “we’ve got to be mentally stronger”, the coach would point to his head. Or if he said “we have to be stronger”, the coach would lift his arm flexing his biceps. I nearly bit my tongue off trying not to laugh.

Funniest Teammate and why?

Terry McFlynn, he’s got a very quick-witted sense of humour and is always making the boys laugh

Best mate at the club?

Terry McFlynn and Ivan Necevski. I’ve known them both for many years now and they’re champion guys

Best away game story?

Winning the 2009/10 grand final down in Melbourne. Great night, great atmosphere and great feeling

Worst dancer or singer in the team?

I don’t think we’ve had any good singers or dancers, we’re all equally as bad, but i think if i was to ever see Seb Ryall trying to dance, i’m guessing he would be the worst

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