Fan’s Shout: bring in video refs


Football fan Jake Beacock has had his fill of refereeing mistakes and says the time is right for video refs.

Written by Jake Beacock

Being the referee of a football game is possibly the hardest occupation in the world today.

On one hand you make the right call, the team it benefits is happy, but the opposing team are not, and swearing and abusive chants follow. If, on the other hand, you make a bad call, the same occurs. This begs the question, how can this problem possibly be resolved?

Two words: instant replay.

Having an instant replay or “video referee” would surely be the answer to the prayers of not only the fans of A-league teams, but also the referee.

Take the match on the weekend between Perth Glory and Melbourne Victory. Liam Miller was subject to a controversial red card when referee Chris Beath judged his tackle as denying a goal-scoring opportunity. Although a shock to many at first, this seemed a fair decision as Thomson was technically in a goal-scoring opportunity.

This left Perth Glory with only 10 men going into the second half, a clear disadvantage.

More controversy arose when a penalty was awarded against Bas Van Den Brink when he took the ball off Thomson in the penalty box. Carlos Hernandez easily stuck home and Melbourne were 1-nil up.

This was an appalling decision by Chris Beath as replays seconds later showed that Bas clearly won the ball and made little, if any, contact with the quick forward.

This issue could have easily been avoided with an instant replay watched upstairs and a decision highlighted to the referee via a headset that he wears anyway.

In a few seconds Beath could have been informed by a “third referee” that this was in fact a legal challenge and no penalty should be awarded. This may have turned the game completely on its head as that one goal was in the end the difference between a draw and a win for Perth Glory after Andrezinho and Smeltz bagged two great goals to stage an amazing comeback to level the game.

How is it though, these terrible decisions continue to be made in the A-League and leagues all around the world. Surely the implementation of a video review system would make the game fairer for both teams? It would eradicate all bad decisions from the game.

This is in no way a critism of Chris Beath though, as Bas said after the game, “from where Chris Beath was standing, maybe he thought it was a penalty”. All referees make a few bad decisions in their careers and this is no exception for Beath.

The general consensus though is: Why can we not implement a instant replay system?

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