Sydney FC Sport & Business Program: Discover the possibilities.

What could a career in sport look like for you?

Working in sports is one of the most rewarding and exciting occupations as it allows you to combine your interests with profession.

The Sydney FC Sport & Business Program gives you the opportunity to explore the many pathways and get hands-on experience working within a premier sporting environment.

To showcase some key roles at Sydney FC, we’ve profiled a Day In the Life of three Sydney FC employees.

Robbie, Content Creator

As a Content Creator, Robbie’s goal is to create captivating content that fosters a sense of community, builds fan loyalty, and promotes the club’s brand and activities.

He is responsible for producing and managing various forms of digital content to engage and connect with the club’s fans and audience. His primary objective is to create compelling, informative, and entertaining content that builds the club’s brand and enhances its online presence.

To find out more about Robbie’s role, check out his Day In The Life video as he travels with the squad to Melbourne for our recent Semi Final to capture content.

Raphael, Schools and Education Programs Lead

Raphael is part of the Sydney FC Community team that is responsible for developing and implementing initiatives that promote grassroots football and engage fans through educational programs.

His primary focus is fostering relationships with schools, educational institutions, and the local community to enhance the club’s presence and impact at the grassroots level. Learn more about this role by checking out Raphael’s Day In the Life here.

Katie, Sports Presentation & Marketing

Katie’s role involves supporting the marketing team in planning, executing, and analysing various marketing initiatives and campaigns to promote the club, engage fans, and drive revenue.

She also leads Sports Presentation for match days. This involves orchestrating the various elements of the match-day experience, including the big screen, MCs, ground announcements, and music. Her goal is to create an exciting and engaging atmosphere for fans while delivering value for the club’s partners through effective sponsor integration.

Check out what her build up to match day looks like here.

The Sydney FC Sport & Business Program recognises that footballing success extends far beyond the field, and provides a pathway for students to turn their passion into a profession.

The program is designed to help students discover their niche in the sports industry through real experience and the study of a variety of areas.

If you’re interested in exploring what a career in football could look like for you, visit SydneyFC.com/Diploma to learn more.