Danning Glad To Be Back

Coming on as a substitute in Sydney FC’s 4-1 win over North Queensland, Kofi Danning felt like he was returning home.

Coming on as a substitute in Sydney FC-s 4-1 win over North Queensland, Kofi Danning felt like he was returning home.

An injury to his hand had kept Danning out of the senior team for three months so when he stepped onto the pitch Kofi was delighted to be returning to first team duties.

“It was good to be back and great to hear the fans cheering my name.” said Danning at mid-week training. “It was perfect, it was just the way I wanted it to happen.”

2009 has been a big year for 18-year-old Danning. After scoring in the season opener and playing in the first six games of the season, Kofi was selected to represent Australia at the FIFA under 20 world cup.

But his prolific rise was halted after he fractured his finger and Danning is only now breaking back into Sydney-s first team. Despite his unwanted three-month gap, Danning is still pleased with his personal development this season.

“I think I am doing well. I have achieved all the goals that I have set so far” said Danning. “This year I set goals to make the team for the (under 20) world cup, to be in (Sydney FC-s) first team, and to score goals in the A-League.”

Considering Danning has achieved what he has a such a young age it is not surprising that he has also set himself some other high targets.

“My goals for the future is to get a cap for the Socceroos, to develop as a player and one day play overseas.”

With the Sky Blues sitting in second place Danning knows that he has to work hard to regain a position in the starting eleven but he is excited that the team is doing well.

“It’s great to be back on the winners list as we had lost three in a row. To win 4-1 at home and to play very well, one of our best games of the season, is what the coach wanted.”

Already a crowd favourite, Danning is enjoying his football and hopes that he can continue to entertain the fans.

“Everyone comes to watch the game to see something special and when I come on, I hope to bring something special and I think I do. The fans encourage me to do the best I can and to get appreciated for it is just unbelievable”

With the Sky Blues only three points adrift of league leaders Melbourne, Danning is confident that Sydney can close the gap with a win against Wellington Phoenix this Saturday evening.

“I think if we stick to what we did last weekend we can win. Wellington will play well if we let them but what we do will decide the game.”