Corica’s Attacking Midfield Tips


Sydney FC Hall of Fame member, Team of the Decade member and club legend Steve Corica offers his advice to all the budding attacking midfielders.


What made you want to be an attacking midfielder?

I just liked the attacking side of the game. I liked going forward, dribbling with the ball and I liked getting into positions where I could set up players and score goals myself.

What age did you assume the role and think you could turn it into a profession?

When I was younger I played as a striker so probably around 16 I think I thought I could do something.

What should a prospective attacking midfielder be focussing on?

You need to be technically very good and aware of what’s around you, which means always looking over you shoulder seeing if defenders are around and if you can go forward with the ball. You need to be a good passer, and quick.

What are the don’ts for being an attacking midfielder?

Don’t play the ball backwards so much and that has to do with your body position. If your body is facing backwards you’re going to play the ball backwards so I would say always face forward and go forward.   


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