Captain’s Column: Ready For Victory


Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well! There’s a big weekend ahead with the doubleheader at home at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium and I can’t wait to see you all there.

Having your support is such a benefit to the whole squad as we continue to strive for the Premiership. There’s been an extended break between games, something we’ve slowly gotten used to this season, but luckily we have incredible staff that help us plan ahead and schedule us to maintain match fitness.

I know the girls have been working hard in training, putting in the hard yards so that we’ll be ready for whatever Melbourne Victory bring to the table. They’ve been on a roll lately, so it’ll be our job to stop that.

Coming up this week Melbourne are always a tough team both in attack and defence and it will be a big challenge for the girls.

I’m confident we can overcome any challenge thrown at us though, and prove that we’re a title winning side this weekend.  

The Premiership is something we’ve been working towards for a while, it was a goal at the start of the season, and Sydney FC is long overdue to take the title home.

For me personally, captaining a side to a Premiership would be an incredible accomplishment. It would be great to achieve this in front of a home crowd, and I can’t wait to see you all there on Saturday for the big doubleheader.

Teresa Polias
Sydney FC Captain