Captain’s Column – My Two Sporting Inspirations


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Hello again guys, I hope you are coping well at home during these social distancing measures we are still experiencing.

The FFA announcement last week that they intend to finish the season was great for us and gives us a chance to win the trophy in the proper manner.  It was definitely what we wanted to hear.

As players, we are still a bit frustrated that it is unlikely we’ll be able to train until at least the end of May or early June.

However, we must look at the bigger picture and make sure it’s safe and healthy for everyone before we can do that. 

We understand the strict measures that have been put in place by the government and intend to follow them until they are lifted.


This week for my column, I thought I’d veer away from football a little bit and pick out a couple of alternative sporting heroes I used to look up to as a young boy.

So here goes…

Michael Jordan – Basketball.

When I was young and growing up in the 1990’s, I remember the Chicago Bulls were the best and most successful basketball team in the world.  It meant their games would often be the TV broadcast matches on Saturday mornings here in Australia and I always used to turn on.

I fell in love with basketball because of Michael Jordan and used to love to watch how good and how dominant he was.

It increased my enthusiasm to play sport and get out there.  Certainly, when I look at the accolades including the team trophies and personal titles he won, I can definitely say it was inspirational for me.

He is also very topical at the minute with the Netflix documentary which is currently being screened. 


Michael Johnson – Athletics.

I always did athletics through my junior life, in fact, since I was five years old I have always taken part.

I knew a bit about the sport and that Michael Johnson was the World Record Holder for the 200 metres and 400 metres.

I remember watching him break the 200 metres world record and he was easily faster than anyone else before him.

He had that unique, upright running style and because he was a sports man at the top of his game, he was another inspiration to me.

When he came out to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics I went out to watch him at Olympic Park.  It’s a memory I will never forget.