Captain’s Column – I’m Loving The Draw & Our Squad All Back Together


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Hello everyone, hope you are going well and looking forward to the next two weeks build up as we prepare for lift-off for our season re-start!

It is fantastic to have the revised draw out now and it’s a good one for us.

We’ve got Wellington Phoenix first-up which is great because they are one of the two teams who can challenge us for the Premiers Plate.

If we can get a win against them it will set us up really well for the other five games.

The breaks between games are also quite reasonable. There was a little bit of concern that it was going to be rapid fire and that we’d be playing a game every two or three days, but it has been spread out.

There are four or five days between each game which is perfect.  It means that you recover, do a bit of training and then you are ready to go again.

Our record at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium has been fantastic since we moved and the boys love playing at the ground, so to have two matches there is good.

Obviously with two other games being in NSW it limits the travel for us which is a good thing too.

We’ve been fortunate to get the whole squad back together this week with Gowser (Ryan McGowan) coming back.

Our group hasn’t had any changes which is fantastic, because it’s a busy period in a short space of time, so we are going to need the whole squad.


It’s good to have Gowser back too.  He went through 14 days in isolation which was tough for him but he managed to get through it.

He’s a great character and he adds a lot to the squad so everyone was delighted to see him.

He kept in touch with all the boys during the two weeks in the hotel, (I don’t think he had anything else to do, the poor bloke) but he’s out, settled and ready to go.

He is loving being around the boys and getting involved in the banter and day to day fun we have.

It’s also great for squad morale as he has made big sacrifices for the club.

He has just had a baby girl and has left his wife and daughter in Scotland to finish the season here. 

It’s a big sacrifice and we definitely appreciate it as a team.