Brosque Completes Cove Seat Tribute

Sydney FC legend Alex Brosque returned to The Cove recently to support a tribute to one of the supporter group’s legendary Members.

William ‘Doggadog’ Duran was a founding Cove Member and one of the most fierce and passionate supporters of the club.

Sadly William passed away unexpectedly in 2012.

At the time Brosque was playing for Shimizu S-Pulse in the Japanese top division, after five seasons with the Sky Blues.

But having heard of William’s passing he returned home to sit in William’s seat in The Cove for a Sydney FC game against Central Coast at the old Allianz Stadium, to the delight of William’s family and friends.

Fast forward 11 years and the Sky Blues legend was on hand again to return William’s seat to its rightful place in The Cove after four seasons of displacement.

“It was a privilege to sit in William’s seat after he died and it’s an honour to help put his seat back into The Cove at the new Allianz Stadium.

“Back then I’d known William and knowing I was his favourite player, it was the least I could do to remember him.

“The club and The Cove have done a fabulous job in remembering William and ensuring his seat was at Jubilee Stadium, Leichhardt Oval, SCG and wherever we played during displacement.

“It’s is now in its rightful place at the back of The Cove at Allianz Stadium, to honour where he sat in the back row.”

Alex Brosque and Sydney FC Memberships & Ticketing Manager Shane Porter ahead of the seat drilling ceremony.

William’s wife and friends were once again on hand at Allianz Stadium ahead of the Sydney Derby to see Brosque drill William’s seat back into its new position in front of Cove Members.

Foundation Cove Member and friend of William, Grant Muir said: “It was great to see the Club remember and honour Dogga at the new stadium.

“Seeing his seat placed at the back of Bay 23 where he used to watch every game was a thoughtful and fitting tribute to him.

“Seeing his friends and fellow supporters come together to remember him brought back many fond memories.”

Members and fans are encouraged to go and see Doggadog’s seat at the back of Bay 23.