Brattan on the road to recovery

Luke Brattan has opened up on the past few weeks which has seen the talented midfielder ruled out for the season with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury.

Brattan has been in and around the team’s training facilities as he prepares for the road to recovery.

“It’s been seven days now post-surgery. I haven’t been doing much to be honest, it’s now a process of waiting for the swelling to go away before I can start my rehabilitation.”

“I’m off the pain killers now and I’ve been able to walk around a little bit and doing a couple of exercises in the gym but soon I’ll be able to do proper rehabilitation.”

Luke Brattan’s left knee following surgery

“I felt a little pain at the back of my knee when I fell. I was feeling fine and then I came back off at half time and the physio said that it was an ACL injury so it didn’t really sink in at the time until I got the scan results.”

“It was tough to digest because it feels like my season is over before it even started.”

Brattan is remaining upbeat about the injury and has seeked advice from teammates who have suffered the same injury.

“I’ve leaned on a few of the other players here who have had them. There’s a couple of boys here who done the same injury and it’s good to talk to a few people who have been through the same thing and hear how they felt during that time.”

Moments before going under the knife

“My partner has been huge for me during this time. She now has to put up with three kids instead of two. It’s tough because I can’t really do anything until the stitches come out she’s been very busy lately but I’m grateful for her support.”

“For now, I’m in three times a week seeing the physio, completing some small exercises in the gym. Hopefully in the next week the swelling will go down and I can start doing more but it all depends on how my knee reacts and taking it each day as it comes.”