Academy fail to convert chances against Blacktown

Sydney FC Academy faced off against Blacktown City FC on Sunday afternoon at Landen Stadium. The first half of the game was evenly contested, with both teams having their fair share of opportunities. Unfortunately, despite three excellent chances, Sydney FC Academy failed to convert any of them into goals while on the other hand, Blacktown City FC managed to find the back of the net close to the 40-minute mark with a goal from a well-executed cross.

The second half saw a significant shift in momentum, as Blacktown City FC took control of the game. They dominated the chances, while Sydney FC Academy struggled to create any opportunities in the attacking third. Blacktown City FC capitalised on their dominance and scored two goals from set pieces during the second half, further solidifying their lead.

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Despite the defeat, there were several positive aspects for the Sydney FC Academy team to take away from the match. The starting eleven consisted of five Under-17 players, including Dylan Rose and Zac De Jesus, who made their starting debuts. Lachlan Middleton, Mitchell Glasson, and Oscar Fryer also featured in the starting lineup, making this one of the youngest NPL teams in the academy’s history.

Notably, Lachlan Middleton and Dylan Rose showcased their skills and formed a formidable midfield partnership in the first half. Additionally, Hayden Matthews put in a solid performance, displaying excellent defensive abilities against an experienced forward line from Blacktown City FC. Matthews also contributed to the team’s attacking play by carrying the ball forward effectively.

Earlier in the day, the Under-20s emerged victorious with a 3-1 scoreline. The team predominantly comprised Under-17 players, with four Under-16 players coming off the bench. This match-day squad showcased a blend of youthful talent and slightly older players. Tiago Quintal and Bailey Callaghan stood out as goal scorers, with Callaghan netting two goals. The Under-20s team played an attractive brand of football and exhibited some impressive skills throughout the match.

Overall, despite the defeat in the senior team’s game, the Sydney FC Academy can take pride in the promising performances of their young players and the success of their Under-20s squad. These positive signs bode well for the development and future success of the academy as they continue to nurture and harness young talent.