A-Leagues Fantasy launches

A-Leagues Fantasy & Tipping is back for the 2023-24 season! Here’s everything you need to know and how to sign up.


Get ready A-Leagues fans, Fantasy and Tipping is back for the new season!

So it’s time to sign up, pick your team and get ready to take on your mates once again.

Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming campaign and how you can get involved.

What is A-Leagues Fantasy?

A-Leagues fantasy football gives fans the chance to select and manage a 15-player squad of their own, from either the Isuzu UTE A-League, Liberty A-League or both.

Given a set budget, you are challenged to select your best 15-player roster. Each player is given a value, with hefty price tags placed on the stars of the league. The challenge for each fantasy coach is to balance stars, up-and-comers and potential bargains in their roster, to create the strongest team possible.

Diego Caballo was Sydney FC’s Fantasy top point scorer last season

Players on your roster will then earn points during each weekend of fixtures. Points can be accrued in a number of categories, including goals, assists, clean sheets, tackles, key passes, interceptions, clearances and more. You select your preferred 11 starters from your 15-player roster each round, and the points the 11 starters score together add up to become your total score for the round.

You can edit your entire team list while a round is not in progress, and, with the rolling lockout, players may be traded, substituted and named Captain/Vice Captain, up until the time of the start of their team’s actual match.

The ultimate objective is to finish the season with the highest points tally of any fantasy player in the game, or, to join or create mini leagues, and prevail against a select number of players invited to join.

There are two types of leagues you can join or create:

Head-to-head: A league of up to 20 teams. Each round, your team will go up against another team in the league in a “head-to-head” game, where your team will either win, draw or lose depending on which of the two teams battling it out scores the most points that round.

Unlimited size groups: You can set up or join up to 10 unlimited-sized groups. Instead of going “head-to-head”, all the members of your group will be ranked by total points accumulated throughout the season. 


What is A-Leagues Tipping?

A-Leagues tipping is a simple concept which requires players to guess the correct result in every game played across each round.  For each correct guess, you get one correct tip, with your total of correct tips accumulating over the season. The objective is to get the most tips correct of any player by the end of the season.

The first game of every round, however, also requires players to predict a margin of victory for your selected winner (a margin of zero will be entered if a draw is tipped). The difference between your predicted margin and actual margin will accumulate over the season – your objective is to keep this number as low as possible.

Similarly to fantasy, you can create or join leagues to play against friends and fellow fans.


How do I play?

Head over to the Fantasy & Tipping section of KEEPUP.com.au and sign up for free by creating your own KEEPUP account. If you already have one, simply sign in!

Only ONE registration per game and per person is permitted and you can play any/all of the A-Leagues Fantasy and Tipping games available.

You can create your own team of stars like Juric

On the Official A-Leagues Fantasy and Tipping homepage, your dashboard will act as your home for both games, showing your registered fantasy team/s and/or your tipping hub.

Access the A-League Men or A-League Women dropdown menu at the top of the page to reach the relevant fantasy and tipping pages you wish to register for, and you’re away! 


Last season’s top scorers in ALM Fantasy
What are the competitions?

A-League Men’s and Women’s Fantasy and Tipping remains the same this year, with the only change being the implementation of a Club Championship.

Players who play both A-League Men’s & A-League Women’s Fantasy will get a combined points score across the competitions that feed into the Club Championship ladder.


What are the prizes?

Weekly cash prizes for overall winners in Fantasy and Tipping are $100.

The overall winner in ALM and ALW Fantasy will earn an end of season cash prize of $1,500, while second will receive $750 and third place will win $500.

For Club Championship winners, the first and second place prizes remain the same, but third place wins $450 instead.

While the winners in ALM and ALW Tipping will earn an an end of season cash prize of $1,250, with second and third place prizes remaining the same at $750 and $500 respectively.