A Day In The Life – Sports Presentation

Interested in a career in football but not sure what that could look like for you? We profiled two of our staff members to find out what they do on a day-to-day basis at Sydney FC. Check out our Community profile here.

Name: Katie

Current role: Marketing Coordinator

Key responsibilities:

  • Coordinating Sports Presentation
  • Leading marketing for Sydney FC Women’s team
  • Leading marketing for Community Programs

48 Hours In the Life

In my role, I coordinate Sports Presentation – making sure that everything on game day runs like clockwork. This involves managing big screen content, ground announcements, music, on-pitch activations and more to deliver a fun and engaging live experience for fans.

Friday – Finalise Sports Presentation run sheet

Throughout the week I develop a run sheet, allocating every second of match day. It’s a complex document that lists out line by line each activity to indicate what takes place at what time. I take into consideration the needs of the Australia Professional Leagues, Allianz Stadium and our Sponsors to create a match day experience that provides value for stakeholders and builds an exciting and fun-filled experience for spectators.

Friday – Head to Allianz Stadium for a run through

I walk from the Sydney FC offices to Allianz Stadium to meet up with the head of our Sports Presentation production team. We check and sign off all content for the big screen and ensure we are prepared for match day.

Saturday – Head in early to Allianz for Sports Presentation briefing

On match days, I head to Allianz Stadium a couple hours before kick-off to meet up with the Sports Presentation team for briefing. Our MCs, ground announcer, floor manager, cameramen, audio team, producers and showcaller meet in the production suite to prepare for the match.

I lead a briefing, taking the team through the run sheet to explain each segment and answer any questions. During this time, we plan the camera angles for on-pitch segments, coordinate which MCs handle which segment, and identify any tricky segments and come up with solutions to keep it running smoothly.

Testing our substitution assets.
Saturday – Pre-match and Half-time Sports Presentation

When gates open, Sports Presentation kicks into life and I begin my role as floor manager. I head to the side of the pitch with the cameramen and MCs to line up on-pitch activations. These activations include –player interviews, fan scans, quizzes with spectators.

We run to incredibly tight timings and need to make sure each segment is prepared to happen right on time. Inevitably things go awry and require quick thinking, problem solving and remaining level headed to resolve issues.

Pitch-side view of lineup while floor managing.

I prepare the shot and communicate with the production team in the box to let them know when we are ready for a live cross. While the segment is running, I signal to the MC when the segment needs to be wrapped up to stick to our tight timings.

Saturday – Full time

When the game is finished, I have an informal debrief with the Sports Presentation team and take notes of what went well and what was challenging.

I take a moment to swap out our ticketing ads on the webpage to promote our next game and update our ticketing page.

After that, I head to our post match function where staff, players and their friends and families gather in the warm up room to enjoy food and drinks to wrap up the night.

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