A day in the life of Patrick Yazbek

What do you do before you come into training?

The first thing for me is I like to have a shower to wake myself up for the day. I’ll usually chill out and spend some time with my family and my dog and then I’m good to go.

What time do you arrive for training?

We have to be here by 8.45am so I usually like to get in at around 8.15 and chill out for a bit, have a chat with everyone.

What’s your pre-training routine?

I have a mobility program that I need to go through, we’ll do some warm up work in the gym to get ready for the day’s session.

What’s on your Spotify playlist on the way to training?

At the moment there’s a lot of RnB, Dre, Travis Scott, The Weekend, and a lot of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

What are your favourite training drills?

It has to be the four v four drills. It is the most competitive and the team take it so seriously.

Who catches your eye on the training field?

It has to be Anthony Caceres, he’s a quality player on the ball and never loses it. You can fire a pass at his head and he wouldn’t lose it. I’d have to see Milos Ninkovic as well.

What’s your go-to post-training meal?

I like the Chicken Schnitzel’s and Lamb Skewers that our chef Jorge makes. Those two with a good salad.

How do you spend your days off from training?

We don’t get too many days. I’m usually chilling out and looking after my body. Catching up with friends and going to the beach if there’s good weather is probably my favourite way to spend a day away from training.