A day in the life of Callum Talbot

What do you do before you come into training?

It’s pretty standard from me, I get up, breakfast brush my teeth, wash my face and take a banana with me to have on the way to training.

What time do you arrive for training?

On the way to training I’ll stop to get a coffee and aim to get to training at around 8.20am.

What’s your pre-training routine?

I like to hang out and have a chat with a few of the other young lads in the changeroom. At the moment we like to do Wordle which is a game where you try to guess a word for the day and you only have a few guesses to get it right.

What’s on your Spotify playlist on the way to training?

At the moment I like to have a bit of a rave by myself in the car. There’s a lot of house music and Chris Brown on my playlist. That gets me going for the day.

What are your favourite training drills?

Most people will say the four v four drills which I really like but I also like the game ‘Sheva’ when we are all on the outside and put three players in the middle to try and win the ball. That gets the team going and brings out a lot of banter.

Who catches your eye on the training field?

It’s definitely the usual suspects Anthony Caceres and Milos Ninkovic. Those guys are so good on the ball and you get to see up close the technical ability they have. It’s a pleasure to play with them. Harry Van Der Saag is also funny on the field.

What’s your go-to post-training meal?

Jorge the chef does a really good chicken pasta which I love so I’d say that.

How do you spend your days off from training?

I live in the Shire so I would probably go down to Cronulla Beach with some mates, go out for lunch and chill out.