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Sydney FC Foundation Dinner 2023

Enriching the lives of our community, one pass at a time

Each year the Sydney FC Foundation Dinner supports a cause from the Sydney FC Foundation’s community pillar, aimed at enriching the lives of those in our community, one pass at a time.

Event Details

  • Thursday 27 April 2023
  • The Star, Event Centre
  • 6pm – late
  • Cocktail dress

We need your support

There are may ways to support this year’s Sydney FC Foundation Dinner:

The 2023 Sydney FC Foundation Dinner will support the expansion of our disabilities sports programs, increasing access for all to football and it’s associated social and mental benefits.

Our aim is to raise enough funds to deliver specialised participation programs in both schools and grassroots organisations across Sydney that are free and accessible for participants with all abilities.

What will our Disability Sports Program look like?

Sydney FC Foundation’s proposed disability sports program will help participants develop their skills, such as:
Goal setting and confidence, Teamwork, communication and leadership, & Resiliency and dealing with setbacks.

These outcomes will be achieved through two differing program deliveries:

  1. Our schools program will also support schools and students achieve curriculum objectives and explore how skills learnt through sport can be applied in other areas of their education.
  2. Our grassroots program will provide activities on the weekend and in school holidays for participants to enjoy and develop skills through that currently do not exist in certain areas of Sydney.

Why Support Disability Sport… Did you know?

  • Almost 1 in 5 people in Australia (over 4.4 million) have some form of disability.
  • 36% of Australia’s households include a person with disability.
  • Only 47% of persons with disability are classed as being active, compared to 67% with no disability & 81% of persons with disabilities say that they would like to be more active but cite a lack of opportunity as a reason they are not.
  • A disability is classified as a physical, intellectual, sensory neurological, learning and/or an immunological disability.
  • People aged between 15 and 64 years with disability have both
    lower labour force participation (53.4%) and higher
    unemployment rates (10.3%) than people without disability (84.1% and 4.6% respectively)
  • Disability sports and activities are a powerful vehicle to
    connect marginalised groups in our community, better equip
    them for work and present an opportunity for all people to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

There are always opportunities for additional businesses and individuals to support this program. If you are interested supporting Disability Sport across Sydney, we would love to hear from you.