Under 18’s


Under 18 Head Coach – Liam Fitz-Gerald.

Liam Fitz-Gerald originally joined the club in 2019, working with the younger groups in our senior academy space. Since then, Liam has demonstrated a high competency for youth development and was appointed the U18 Head Coach for the 2021 season, which he will continue into 2022. He holds a Sport and Exercise Science degree, AFC and UEFA coaching licences, and is pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of skill acquisition in football. Liam does a fine job at helping transition players into morning training and help provide them with the detail required to succeed in a senior environment.


  • Tiago Quintal
  • Adrian Pini
  • Carter Foxe
  • Daniel Rasera 
  • Danilo Mizdrak 
  • Dominique Sameenang
  • Gregory John
  • Louis Agosti
  • Max Vartuli
  • Miguel Goncalves
  • Morrie Kamara
  • Rawley St John
  • Sebastian Kiceec
  • Steven Kriezis
  • Will Faulder
  • Will Kennedy
  • Zane Schreiber 
  • Dion Vallianos