Yu Secures ATP Scholarship

Catherine Yu has been selected for this season’s Academy Training Program Scholarship in partnership with Australian Turf Analysis.

She is one of 90 girls currently participating in the Program, which is designed to improve young players football skills.

“I like ATP because I am making friends here,” she said.

“I have learned how to improve my skills; how to communicate with other players and everything about the game.

“I am grateful to Australian Turf Analysis for providing me with a Scholarship.”

The 2022/23 program is open for applications from talented 10, 11, 12-year-old boys, and 12, 13, 14-year-old girls who are currently part of SAP, GSAP or Development squads at their local association or NPL club.

Sydney FC have expanded the program in recent years to allow more young female players to enjoy top level coaching.

The program is run at Macquarie University Playing Fields and Kareela on Sunday evenings by coaches who work at the Sydney FC Academy, or have previously worked at the Academy.

The coaching follows a curriculum based on the skills taught at our Academy to maximize development of players of this age.

Advanced Training Program also offers the opportunity for boys to be spotted for the Sydney FC Academy.


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