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Apr 09, 2020   |  12:20AM AET

Whats On With Joel King

Whats On With Joel King

Whether you’re self isolating, or have a spare hour during your working from home lunch break, everyone’s tuning into TV, Netflix or putting on a movie at one point or another.

For the Sky Blues it’s no different, and we’ve got their recommendations for you. It’s time to find out what your Hyundai A-League heroes are watching.

Here’s what’s playing at Joel King’s house at the moment…


What’s on at the moment?

Don’t **** With Cats. 2019

A twisted criminal’s gruesome videos drive a group of amateur online sleuths to launch a risky manhunt that brings them into a dark underworld.

How To Get Away With Murder. 2014

Annalise Keating, a criminal defence lawyer and professor, teaches a group of aspiring law students. However, their lives alter when they get entangled in an aberrant murder.

JK: I just finished ‘Don’t **** With Cats’. It’s is a very strange and mind blowing doco. The first episode started off pretty boring for me and I actually ended up turning it off with no intention to continue watching it, but after hearing a lot of comments at training I knew I had to get back into it and I’m glad I did. After the first episode I’m pretty sure I finished the rest of the series off in two days. I was hooked.

I also just finished watching ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ during this pandemic. It’s quite a long series but it always had me entertained and was quite thrilling. Would definitely recommend it to any keen on murder mystery and drama.

What’s up next?

Narcos. 2015

Netflix chronicles the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the gripping real-life stories of drug kingpins of the late ’80s in this raw, gritty original series.

JK: I’ve heard a lot about Narcos but haven’t quite got around to it as of yet. A few boys say it’s wild and very addictive so I think it should be a good way to kill time during my time in isolation. Also i’ve been studying spanish so hopefully it should help me pick up a bit of fluency.

All time favourite?

Pretty Little Liars. 2010

The series follows the lives of four teenage girls – Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily; four estranged friends whose darkest secrets are about to unravel.

JK: This is one I don’t go around telling everyone but I’m a big fan of Pretty Little Liars. Definitely more of a chick flick but embarrassingly enough I still really enjoyed it. 

When I was younger I watched a couple of episodes with my mum and sister and it scared the crap out of me to the extent I found it difficult to sleep at night. Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I watched it again and it was great.

I was addicted to it and finished what was quite a long series in quite a short time. I’d definitely recommend it to all the teenage girls out there but also believe the boys should give it a crack.