What Do We Love About Leichhardt Oval?


We’re back at Leichhardt Oval on Sunday against Adelaide United, and following a great turnout last Saturday we thought we’d ask a few of the boys what they love about playing at the Inner West venue.

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Alex Wilkinson: I like the family atmosphere, I love that there’s a hill that families can down and throw a rug on, sit down and support the team. Also the fact that the grandstand and hill are so close to the field, it makes for a really good atmosphere when there’s a few people in.

Milos Ninkovic: I really like the atmosphere here, especially when it’s a full crowd the atmosphere is amazing. I also need to say the pitch is unbelievable this year. And the most important thing for me is it’s only 15 minutes from home! 

Andrew Redmayne: I think just the community spirit and being close to the fans is what I like most about Leichhardt Oval. It’s just a good atmosphere here with the hill. I know my family really enjoy it and I’m sure all our Members and fans do too.


Ryan McGowan: I just really enjoy how close the fans are to the pitch. I think it’s a good family atmosphere here along with a really good footballing atmosphere. It’s definitely a place I would like to bring the kids and hopefully we get another good turnout on Sunday.

Ben Warland: The thing I like most about playing at Leichhardt Oval is the atmosphere. Obviously being a rectangle stadium the fans are right on top of you and they make a big difference.


Kosta Barbarouses: I like the atmosphere at Leichhardt Oval. It’s not a massive capacity but like we saw last Saturday, when it’s pretty much full you can hear the crowd for 90 minutes. That gives us the extra little push and creates a great atmosphere for us and an intimidating one for the opposition.

Luke Ivanovic: One thing I like about Leichhardt Oval is how everyone is close together and the atmosphere brings everyone closer to the field. There’s a funny side to that too because of what happened when Cam Devlin scored.


Sydney FC face Adelaide United at Leichhardt Oval on Sunday (kick off 4pm AEST). Secure your seats now, bring the family and be there to back the Sky Blues.


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