Top Tips For Your Position


With the winter season kicking off this month we quizzed your Sky Blue stars to get their top tips for each playing position.

Find out how to lead from the front, dictate play in the middle of the park, stop the opposition’s advances and keep clean sheets.


Forward: Alex Brosque:

  • Have confidence in your ability.
  • Stay composed in the box.
  • Don’t let missed chances get to you, the goals will come.


Midfield: Teresa Polias:

  • Constantly scan the field to know what’s around you.
  • Master your first touch so that you can control the ball and set yourself up for the next pass.
  • Know your defensive role. The midfield is the engine room so helping out defensively is just as important as offensively. A team with no midfield won’t be successful.


Defence: Alex Wilkinson:

  • Work on both feet so you’re skilled on both, that way it doesn’t matter if you play on the left of right.
  • Communication to the players infront of you is important.
  • Always work on positioning, make sure you’re always between the striker and your goalkeeper.


Goalkeeper: Danny Vukovic:

  • Goalkeeping isn’t all about shot stopping, work on every aspect of your game.
  • Concentration is very important, you may not be involved in the game for long periods but you need to be ready when called upon.
  • Communication with team mates can save you a lot of work if you can stop an attack from happening before it becomes dangerous.