#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Terry McFlynn


With the Grand Final looming closer, Sydney FC’s General Manager of Player Welfare hosted an express Twitter chat today. During the 30 minutes we learnt who got him into football, the most critical skill a midfielder needs and just how the players are faring ahead of the big day.


Simon Bernardino: Both teams have individuals who could pull something out the bag at any time but where do Sydney have to dominate? We have great players all over the park and are confident ahead of this weekend’s game. #SydneyFanChat

Rebecca: Terry, Do you have any pre-game rituals or habits that you use to do, before kick-off? The night before the game I’d always sleep in my spare room! #SydneyFanChat

Dale Warburton: Would you rather fight a @tpignata9 sized duck, or 100 duck sized @tpignata9? I’d never want to fight CEO @tpignata9 in any form! #SydneyFanChat

Samuel Bortolazzo: Favourite memory as a Sydney FC player? Winning the 2010 Grand Final! #SydneyFanChat

Sydney is Sky Blue: I asked you at the #SkyBlueBall if you would ever join Twitter. You said “I ain’t got time for that”. So here we are? LOL. It’s just a one off for the club! I still won’t join! #SydneyFanChat

Patrick Barnes: Has someone told you that you have a bald spot appearing? Yes. #SydneyFanChat

Francesco Strati: In your eyes having played in both is the big blue still better than the Sydney Derby? For me at the minute yes, but in time the Sydney rivalry will overtake the Melbourne Victory rivalry! #SydneyFanChat


FC Five Dock: Hi Terry, what are your memories of your first club and what were you like as a 6 year old player? My first club was great because it was all my school friends, I was an aggressive kid on the pitch #SydneyFanChat

Balmain Tigers: Terry the season turned for @SydneyFC when u trained at Leichhardt Oval? Can u confirm this? We had a great time at @LeichhardtOval and enjoyed the experience. All staff at the Oval are great people! #SydneyFanChat

Josep GombWOW: Terry what is the most critical skill for a midfielder to have, (a) passing (b) reading the game (c) kicking people? When I played, it was c. In today’s football it’s a & b. #SydneyFanChat

jonno zalunardo: What made you fall in love with Sydney FC and football in general? I’ve always loved football! I had a family tragedy in 2005 & the SFC fans & club was there for me. #SydneyFanChat

Joey Crews: Do you think Arnie is going to miss winding up other clubs/fans during the off-season? I’m sure the boss will enjoy a very well earned holiday in the off-season! #SydneyFanChat


Renee hart: What got you into soccer? My uncle got me into soccer! #SydneyFanChat

Kim Coleman-O’Neill: Since you join the players training, how are they are handling the pressure this week? Are they confident in winning?? The players are very relaxed and enjoying the week #SydneyFanChat

@SkyBlueSyd: If you got the chance to play In any team in the EPL. What team would you pick and why? It would have been a dream to play in the EPL but I’m happy with how my career panned out #SydneyFanChat

Vince Pelle: Terry , someone with your cult status should  attend games in the Cove or Bays for pr agree ?? I would love to enjoy the experience of @TheCove23 one day but I have work to do on game-days! #SydneyFanChat

YUMNA: What was your worst memory in #SydneyFC..?? When I recall any of my injuries, it brings back bad memories #SydneyFanChat

Mitch: Terry, do you think you played 5 seasons too many? Some people might think so but I enjoyed all 9 years in the @ALeague #SydneyFanChat

Charolie: Hey Tez, having played in 2 grand finals what advice would you give some of the younger boys for Sunday? Enjoy the week, enjoy the build up & remember this is what they’ve worked so hard for all year. #SydneyFanChat

Anthony Vescio: Hi Terry! Which starter Pokemon did you choose? Sorry, I’m too old for that! #SydneyFanChat


Sydney FC take on English Premier League giants Tottenham Hotspur in a football classic at ANZ Stadium on Saturday 30 May. Purchase your tickets today for this not to be missed football event!