#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Terry McFlynn


After announcing his retirement from the Hyundai A-League, Sydney FC foundation player Terry McFlynn hosted the live twitter #SydneyFanChat. Throughout the hour we learnt who Terry’s heroes were, what his favourite game against the Melbourne Victory was, who was the most mischievous in the dressing room and his favourite memory in a Sky Blue jersey.

After announcing his retirement from the Hyundai A-League, Sydney FC foundation player Terry McFlynn hosted the live twitter #SydneyFanChat. Throughout the hour we learnt who Terry’s heroes were, what his favourite game against the Melbourne Victory was, who was the most mischievous in the dressing room and his favourite memory in a Sky Blue jersey.

Sara M: @SydneyFC #SydneyFanChat What sports, if any, do you like other than (association) football?
I play a lot of golf, although i spend a lot of time trying to find the ball, and enjoy watching the AFL #SydneyFanChat

Jonathan zalunardo: @SydneyFC I just want to thank you for all your service to our club Terry. Your a true icon and will be forever in our hearts #sydneyfanchat
Thanks! @SydneyFC will always have a special place in my heart, cya Sunday! #SydneyFanChat

Marc reggio: @SydneyFC all the years you’ve been at Sydney what was it like watching players come and go and which year was ur best ? #SydneyFanChat
It’s always difficult when friends leave the club but the 2009/10 season was my best! #SydneyFanChat

Reilly: @SydneyFC Favourite team in the premier league? #SydneyFanChat
I don’t support anyone in the Premier League but I’ve always supported Celtic FC #SydneyFanChat

Isik Caner: @bigmig81 @SydneyFC Speaking of gems who is the best marquee player you played with…Cole, Juninho or ADP? #SydneyFanChat
Definitely ADP! #SydneyFanChat

Tristan Bambak: @SydneyFC hey terry, ive always compared you to roy keane, but what player do you think you resemble most? #sydneyfanchat
Thanks! Roy Keane was one of my heroes! #SydneyFanChat

Levi ulman: @SydneyFC #SydneyFanChat what will you miss the most when leaving Sydney?
I’ll miss the dressing room banter the most! #SydneyFanChat

Michael Nielsen: What was it like playing with a gem of a player like juninho? Even though his time was injury plagued #sydneyfanchat #sydneyfc
It was a fantastic experience and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of him #SydneyFanChat

Will Sowden: @SydneyFC Hey Terry! It’s inspiring how you’ve kept loyal! Is there any players you have wanted to play with in your career? #SydneyFanChat
Roy Keane #SydneyFanChat

Matthew mcgirr: @SydneyFC hey terry who was toughest opponent in the a league #SydneyFanChat
The player that always gave me the most trouble was Carlos Hernandez #SydneyFanChat

Pat May: @SydneyFC #sydneyfanchat who’s the most mischievous character you’ve seen in the dressing room? Thanks for the tezzaries.
We’ve had some great characters but probably @IvanNecevski or Alex Brosque. #SydneyFanChat

Rafael Pallottini: @SydneyFC hey terry! What do you think about Del Piero and his carrer in @juventusfc ? And his best goal with @SydneyFC … #SydneyFanChat
ADP is a legend of the game. His best goal for us was vs Jets RD2 last season #SydneyFanChat

Rouse Hill Times: Hi Terry, any plans for involvement in football in the Hills after retirement? @SydneyFC #SydneyFanChat
I will always be involved at football in some level I currently help a little team called Castle Hill Rockets #SydneyFanChat

#SkyBlueSmurf: @SydneyFC Terry, apart from the SFS, what was your favourite Aleague ground to play in? #SydneyFanChat
AAMI Park #SydneyFanChat

MC Whiskey: The $20 question… Nandos or Oporto? #SydneyFanChat
I haven’t had either in a while but that’s one of the perks of retirement so i’ll try both #SydneyFanChat

RBB Officially: @SydneyFC What’s your favourite romantic comedy? #SydneyFanChat
I don’t really watch a lot of movies but I do like Modern Family as a comedy #SydneyFanChat

SydneyFC Fan: @sydneyfc Terry, thanks for the great service. Do you have a charity you support? #SydneyFanChat
Yes I do, it’s CMRI, Beyond Blue, The Red Cross, Amnesty International and Red Kite Foundation #SydneyFanChat

Daniel Wilde: Hi Terry, do you have a favourite FTT moment? Can you pick between Valentine’s Day and the Grand Final that year? #sydneyfanchat @SydneyFC
Definitely the Grand Final #SydneyFanChat

Craic Dealer: @SydneyFC Terry, who is your best mate in the current squad? #SydneyFanChat
They’re all my mates but probably my roomy @IvanNecevski #SydneyFanChat

James: @SydneyFC Do you have any weird pre-match routines or superstitions? #SydneyFanChat
My routine since I was young is to make the sign of the cross as i enter and leave the football pitch #SydneyFanChat

Daniel Wilde: #sydneyfanchat Hi Terry, what was your favourite crunching tackle on a Victory player? Can you pick just one? @sydneyfc
It’s hard to pick out one! I’ve always had great battles against the Melbourne Victory and that is something i will miss #SydneyFanChat

Skybluesamurai: Which Sydney FC player has had the biggest impact on you as a person in the 9 seasons at the club? #SydneyFanChat
It’s hard to single one player out. If i have to name some it’s Steve Corica, Tony Popovic and Clint Bolton. #SydneyFanChat

Reilly: @SydneyFC Hey Terry, what’s it like working with an Italian legend like Alessandro? #SydneyFanChat
It’s a pleasure and a privilege to work with @delpieroale every day. #SydneyFanChat

James: @SydneyFC Hey Terry, what is your most memorable ever goal? #SydneyFanChat
Most memorable goal would be against the Real Madrid U-19’s team when i was at QPR. Casillas was in goal! #SydneyFanChat

SFCU: Hi Terry, what’s been the most surprising or unexpected thing about playing for @sydneyfc congrats on a great career with us #SydneyFanChat
The most unexpected thing this season would have to be @RhyanGrant ‘s beard! #CleoBachelorOfTheYear #SydneyFanChat

Reilly: @SydneyFC Hey Terry, what’s been the highlight of your career? #SydneyFanChat
Captaining my country at all age levels from U-15’s to U-23 #SydneyFanChat

Chris Gouw: @SydneyFC is there any chance you will be back on the pitch before the seasons end? even if we make the finals? #SydneyFanChat
I’m very hopeful, i’m working hard towards that at the moment #SydneyFanChat

Enrique: @SydneyFC Hi Terry. Thanks for everything! What is your proudest moment wearing the Sky Blue Jersey? #SydneyFanChat
I can’t single out on particular moment, I have immense pride every time i wear the Sky Blue jersey! #SydneyFanChat

19251598: Hey terry – what game would you get most pumped up for #Bigblue #SydneyDerby #SydneyFanChat #ThanksTerry15
Always the games against Victory. They have always been special for me. #SydneyFanChat

Chris Gouw: @SydneyFC hey Terry, what have you loved the most about the club during your time here? #SydneyFanChat
The opportunity to meet so many wonderful people! #SydneyFanChat

Anthony Vescio: @SydneyFC Hi Terry. Which coach in your great time at Sydney FC did you think suited your own playing style the most? #SydneyFanChat
I’ve really enjoyed working with all the Coaches at @SydneyFC and have always tried to do what’s asked of me #SydneyFanChat

Andrew French: @SydneyFC what has been your favourite goal you’ve scored for the club Terry? #SydneyFanChat
My favourite goal would have to be the one I scored against the Mariners when we won 5-4 in Gosford! #SydneyFanChat

Dave Gorham: @SydneyFC Terry, @lokomotivcoveFC 7AA B’s could do with your skill set. No trial required. #SydneyFanChat
Thanks, when does pre-season start? #SydneyFanChat

Anthony Vescio: @SydneyFC Hi Terry. Will we be seeing you in the Cove sometimes now? We would love it! Thank you, sky blue legend! #SydneyFanChat
I’ve got a lot of friends in The Cove and would love to experience a game with them one day in the future! #SydneyFanChat

Andrew French: @SydneyFC Hi Terry, just want to say thank you for everything, a true clubman. What is your favourite SFC memory? #SydneyFanChat
There’s too many to single out but the opportunity to meet some wonderful people at @SydneyFC. #SydneyFanChat

SirJames of SthYarra: Hey terry are you gonna jump in the cove on the w/e and get on the mega also great to meet you again in melb before aus day #sydneyfanchat
Thanks! It’ll be great to say goodbye to all the supporters and especially The Cove #SydneyFanChat

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