#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Robert Stambolziev


Fresh from scoring against the reigning Asian Champions, Robert Stambolziev hosted the live Twitter chat today. During the hour we learnt who he considers to be the smartest team mate, the best player he’s played against and whether Cristiano Ronaldo stole his goal celebration.

FATY doudou jacques: Do u think u can be like Cristiano Ronaldo?
Not even close! Do you see similarities between us when I dribble past you at training? haha xD

Judaay!: Robinho is the secret to your goal scoring success down to the amazing masseur you have at Sydney FC?? 

FATY doudou jacques: What was your célébration when u scored against guanzhou?
You know me bro, you know the answer 😉

FATY doudou jacques: No i dont know you. Who is ur favorite player? 
At the moment it’s Lionel Messi…

Linda Tala: Have you ever been mistaken for Nick Kyrios?
Once I shaved, @acalver96 picked up on it and it’s caught on now!

Sargon Barkho: Would you ever consider a visit to old @prestonlionsfc some day in the future? 
Every time I go down I try to catch a game! I’m a Member this season again

Tim Lambert: Favourite song? 
Anything @chrisbrown or @Eminem

Zac Anderson: Hi Rob! Big fan. Any truth to the rumor Ronaldo stole YOUR celebration ? 
Why don’t you ask @Cristiano? I’m sure he’ll get back to you asap! #YeahBrrps


Travis Goldsmith: What’s your dream car? 
Lambo! That way I can say “Stambo is in a Lambo” 😛

Caltex Adam Howard: Can you please for the love of God stop supporting Collingwood FC?  
No chance! Good old @CollingwoodFC forever! 

Tim Lambert: Funniest Sydney FC player? 
Besides myself haha, I’d say Seb Ryall, I look at him and just crack up sometimes

Tim Lambert: What’s your favourite Cove chant? 
Ali, Ali Abbas! I sing it to @abbas86_ali because we room together.

Tim Lambert: Do you have any pre game superstitions?
Nothing specific, just a regular routine.

Amanda: Who’s your football idol? No team mates 🙂 
Always admired left footed players, so as a kid it was Maradona & atm it’s Lional Messi

Linda Tala: Who has been the best player you have played against?
I played against @DanielSturridge in FA Youth Cup so ‘d say him!

James S: Who’s been taking your player profile pictures for the big screen? Sack them! 
What’s wrong with this years’ one?? I agree with last year, @JankoMarc didn’t rate my pic last year!


Caltex Dan: FIFA or PES? Btw, I hope to see you in the starting XI more often. 
Cheers buddy! I used to be PES but can’t go past @EASPORTS FIFA

Tim Jenkins: Hey Rob, what is the best stadium you have played in and what is your favourite away ground here in @ALeague? 
Best stadium @PAOK_FC Toumba! Here, I like @AAMIPark because my family live in Melb and can watch

Jake Smith: Who’s your go to team on Fifa 
Big @LFC fan so always like to go as them

Joey Gooda$$ Interesting thing about yourself? 
Speak 3 languages, left hand batsman right hand bowler, fight southpaw in @ufc 🙂 

geoff: Always good to look forward, so, has an offer come from Newcastle, yet? 
I’d look good in Black and white stripes 😉 St James is a great stadium!

Joey Gooda$$: What feelings did you experience when you scored against the Asian Champions? 
It was a great feeling hopefully more in future. but just happy to be on the park helping the team

steph: Really wish we could see more of you and in the starting team!!! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Thanks! I see myself playing football regularly & continuing to challenge for titles!

Jono Vanmidde: Hey Stambo, which team mate is the biggest nerd? 
I wouldn’t say nerd, but @ZacAnderson4 is studying law so he’s definitly one of the smart ones! 


bennyfc: @Socceroos squad announced today do u see yourself in the green & gold? 
I’m eligible to represent 3 countries, but my concentration is at @SydneyFC. Wish all the boys luck!

Matthew clark: A major sporting brand approaches you  to design your own pair of boots for them. What is your design and colours like? 
It’d have to be something flashy, stands out! #RS6 on the heel 😛 Though I like the ones now!

Matthew clark: Other than Australia, out of the countries you have played in. Where would you retire to? 
Fortunately I’m still young, plenty of time! Can’t go past the Greek islands!

Wide Asleep: In your opinion, what is the best aspect of being involved in Asian Champions League? 
Being able to play against the best in Asia

bennyfc: Loved your goal celebration with @ShaneSmeltz, what can we expect from your next goal? 
Hopefully I can score again! It’ll be a surprise, but I’ll be more happy with 3 points

Jake Smith: Biggest inspiration in your saint Monica’s days? 
Fortunate to go to a school that had football subject. Always love going back there & seeing every 1

Bella Ant: You kill it in #ACL2016, we want to c more, how far in the Asian Cup do u think @SydneyFC will progress?
Thanks! For a big team like @SydneyFC we want to go as far as we can. The Final would be nice!

Jake Smith: If you weren’t a football player, would you have pursued a career in basketball? 
Nah, probably not tall enough. Would probs do an individual sport though… 

Yumna Aditya Prakoso: Hi bro,I wanna know,what is your favourite cuisine..?? 
Hey bro! Simple, something I can actually cook – Spaghetti. Shout out to my Player Partner @ChiswickPizza for today!

sam marrone: Hi Rob, awesome goal last week. You must still be on cloud nine? Also thanks again for the birthday messages.
Thanks Sam! It was awesome to score and help the team but that’s the past and we look forward!