#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Nikola Petkovic


Sydney FC’s Serbian defender Nikola Petkovic proved to be quite the popular player as he answered a record 57 Member and fan questions during the #SydneyFanChat. During the hour we learnt what his favourite food is, who he wants to win the World Cup, who he thinks has the A-League’s biggest biceps and whether he is in love or not!

Sydney FC-s Serbian defender Nikola Petkovic proved to be quite the popular player as he answered a record 57 Member and fan questions during the #SydneyFanChat. During the hour we learnt what his favourite food is, who he wants to win the World Cup, who he thinks has the A-League-s biggest biceps and whether he is in love or not!

Jake Campbell: What level do u think the league is on compared to others?
#SydneyFanChat I think the Hyundai A-League could compete well with the 2nd division in England or Germany

Carol Lin: Hi Nikola, what do you do in the afternoon after training?
#SydneyFanChat I will go home to see my family and in the middle of the day I get some sleep and take a rest.

Carol Lin: Do you like Chinese cuisine? And what is your favourite dish?
#SydneyFanChat Yes I like Chinese food but my favourite dish is sushi so Japanese!!!!

Carol Lin: Hi Nikola, how will you celebrate Christmas with you family in Australia?
#SydneyFanChat Normally I celebrate on the 6th and 7th January with family at home and good food and drink some lunch and dinner.

Carol Lin: Will you extend your contract in Sydney? What do you like most about Sydney? How about your family?
#SydneyFanChat I don’t know yet. I like the weather every day and my family like the quietness of the city

Bay22: One of bay 22 boys asks “@KuzmanovicNik: @CoveBay22 ask if him if ranko and him are looking after the scarves!!!”
#SydneyFanChat Yes of course we are looking after the scarves. Thank you very much

BG™: Nikola, Zvezda ili Partizan?
#SydneyFanChat For me there is only club in Serbia and that’s Red Star (Zvezda).

Adrian Whittaker: Croatia or Bosnia – if you have to, who will you support in Brazil? And where can i get a good Burek in Sydney?
#SydneyFanChat I know a few players from Bosnia so maybe them. I haven’t had a chance to find one yet

JodyRobz: Nik will you go up for every corner this weekend? As I-ve added you to my fantasy team
#SydneyFanChat Yes I hope to score for you mate

Carol Lin: Nikola, how long does it take from your home to training field?
#SydneyFanChat About half an hour

Peter Vernicos: Nikola what has impressed you most about football in Australia, do our crowds compare slightly to Europe ?
#SydneyFanChat I like that all teams are open and try to play attacking football & I was surprised by the crowds passion here

Brad Denlow: How do u rate the a league compared to other leagues you have played in ?
#SydneyFanChat I played 1st Bundesliga in Germany and I think this league compares to 2nd Bundesliga

Jordan Lo Russo: With all the Balkans in the SFC squad, do u think Allianz Stadium should swap beer & meat pies for rakija & cevapi?
#SydneyFanChat Hahahaha, no it’s not necessary

Kate Cohen: The all important question: Nandos or Oporto?
#SydneyFanChat Sorry I have not tried either.

Shakib: What were your favourite teams growing up?
#SydneyFanChat Red Star Belgrade all my life

[m.d]: Nikola, do you have plans to stay in Sydney beyond this season?
#SydneyFanChat We will see.

wow such threat: What do you think of your team mates and coach?
#SydneyFanChat They are a nice group and I have a big respect for the coach. It’s very professional.

Carol Lin: Have you taken your family to Fish market? Do you like sashimi there?
#SydneyFanChat Yes I have taken them there and the sashimi is good.

Will Sowden: Out of all the matches so far, which have you enjoyed playing the most
#SydneyFanChat The #sydneyderby even though we lost I love the big games, and also against @gomvfc

[m.d]: What are you impressions of the atmosphere at games compared to where u have played before given Serbian support is great
#SydneyFanChat Serbian support is great but here the fans still back the team even when things aren’t going well

Stephen Castaneda: Hey Nikola, you’ve gotten better every game, what do you credit it to?
#SydneyFanChat I must play better every game, I am new here and I am still adapting to team and the @ALeague

Andre Baumbach: We would love you to extend your time here : discuss 😉
#SydneyFanChat Thank you I am really enjoying my stay here and it would be nice.

Will Sowden: Are you confident Sydney can bounce back against the Heart? Maybe you can score from a free kick, haha!
#SydneyFanChat Yes I am confident we can. I hope to score but the main thing is 3 points and keeping a clean sheet.

Anthony Agostino: How does it feel to be the best defender in the league?
#SydneyFanChat Thank you but I still need to prove that I am the best. We have only played 9 games

Simon Latham: Nikola you are a god.what do you think of your chances for ballon d’or
#SydneyFanChat Hahaha you are crazy!! 🙂

BG™: Nikola, will you watch a few games of Bonnyrigg White Eagles while you’re here? #SrpskiFudbalKlub
#SydneyFanChat I haven’t had time to watch yet unfortunately.

marc reggio: Did you have anything to do with Ranko coming over and how has it been playing your football in Australia ??
#SydneyFanChat No when he arrived here I just advised him how to find apartment and to adapt. It’s been great

Anthony Barletta: Nikola. Je volim tebe kao maimun volim banane!! Well done on the season so far!!
#SydneyFanChat Hahaha very interesting, Thank you.

marc reggio: How much of an influence does del Piero have on the team
#SydneyFanChat I still cannot believe that I am playing with him. He is such a huge influence.

Anthony Swales: Nikola why did u chose Sydney
#SydneyFanChat Because it’s the best team and place to play

[m.d]: Nikola who do you dislike more, Wanderers or Victory? 😉
#SydneyFanChat Wanderers because they beat us.

Shakib: How will the Socceroos go in the World Cup? And who is going to win?
#SydneyFanChat It will be hard for @Socceroos but in football anything is possible & I hope they will do well and Brazil 2 win

Anthony Siokos: Hi Nikola. What advice have you given to Ranko Despotovic about adjusting to life at @SydneyFC, and living in Australia.
#SydneyFanChat I told him it’s a good league for his style of play and that this is a good place to relax and enjoy life.

Jaxon Carr: Hey man how are you adapting to the weather so far. It’s too hot for me and I’ve lived here all my life
#SydneyFanChat Still now it’s no problem because I like the sun but we will see in Jan and Feb cos people say it’s very hot

Nik Kuzmanovic: Nikola you score your First Goal for Sydney how do you celebrate?
#SydneyFanChat I am not a person to celebrate too much but I will go to the Cove and the fans

Lucian Lauofo: My man, you have big biceps, are they the biggest in the team lol?
#SydneyFanChat Hahaha – the biggest in the @aleague 🙂

Ilija B: Do you prefer playing left back or centre back? Have you and Ranko gone to any Sydney “kafana” (Serbian pub) yet?
#SydneyFanChat I prefer to play centre back. No we haven’t but I always go 2/3 times a week to @crinitis

Bay 26: Which show is superior – the Sopranos, Breaking Bad or the golden girls?
#SydneyFanChat Sopranos

Bay 26: Do you believe that chants against opposition players put off our own team?
#SydneyFanChat I think our fans need to support us 90 minutes

rhys yule: Nikola y r u such a beast? have u been eating rocks? extend your contract!
#SydneyFanChat My father is also big and I really work hard from when I was very young. No I don’t eat rocks

Bay 26: Do you hate the Melbourne Victory yet? If not, why not…
#SydneyFanChat I am here to play football but I enjoy to hear our fans when we play away in Melbourne

Jovan Kljaic: How are the cevapi in Australia?
#SydneyFanChat All good

InsideALeague: Nikola, do you think you will stay at Sydney FC for a long time or just a short stint??
#SydneyFanChat We will see

Jovan Kljaic: Are you going to Club Parada in 2 weeks?!
#SydneyFanChat What is it?

William Dharmawan: Nikola what do you think of Del Piero and Juventus?
#SydneyFanChat He is one of football’s greatest ever but I don’t support Juventus unfortunately AC Milan

Kaijev: Given how loud The Cove is, do you ever get fan chants stuck in your head during a match?
#SydneyFanChat Yes I do and when I hear the fans I feel good

Charly: Are you in love Petkovic? x
#SydneyFanChat Yes

Justin Davies: Be honest did the canon scare you, like it did some of the fans on Saturday?
#SydneyFanChat I’m not sure what you mean

[m.d]: Nikola, who is the best at playing pranks in the dressing room?
#SydneyFanChat Terry Antonis maybe

Peter Vernicos: Nikola if the cove started singing your name after you did something in a game, what would you want it to be for?
#SydneyFanChat If they would sing my name for any reason it would be an honour.

[m.d]: What footballer did you look up to when you were a young boy?
#SydneyFanChat Brazilian Ronaldo

InsideALeague: Nikola, who do you think will be in the FIFA World Cup grand final? And who do you think will win it?
#SydneyFanChat Brazil against Germany but I would like to see Italy. Brazil to win

Kirsty C: Last week there a lot of speculative x’s into the box. R U working on getting into the box more effectively this wk
#SydneyFanChat We are working on a few different things and hopefully we will be better this week

Anthony Swales: Nikola how does it feel to represent your country
#SydneyFanChat it’s good, always good

Vince Pelle : What-s your favourite Sydney beach ?
#SydneyFanChat I’ve been to Bondi twice but that is it

Vince Pelle: How do you find Rado’s coaching ??
#SydneyFanChat He is a great person and very professional. Great coach.