#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Mickael Tavares


Ahead of Saturday’s Sydney Derby, Mickael Tavares hosted the live Twitter chat today on location at Player Partner Mercato e Cucina. During the forty minutes we learnt what video game he plays, whether he was disappointed with a 98% pass accuracy and what he loves most about Sydney.

Paulina Hopkins: Who is your ultimate team you’d dream to play for?
@FCBarcelona. Their football is amazing!

YUMNA: Hi Mickael,How are you..? I wanna know,what do you think about #SydneyFC this season if compared with last season?  
I think so far we are doing good, when i arrived last year we were 6th but we will keep improving

Nicholas Rupolo: Did you ever play anywhere else on the field in your career besides midfield?
I’ve always played midfield

Anthony Futia: Do you rate Andrew Hoole as a DJ? 
Maybe for the people who like his music 😉 I don’t normally listen to that type of music

nathan: Who’s better you or faty? 😀
He’s a different position so I can’t say!!

Johnson ZHANG: What do you think is the main key for Sky Blues to progress to the round of 16 in ACL 2016?  
The main key is to not be scared, take our chances and take on the big teams because we are also big

Burney Wong: Who do you think is more knowledgeable? @TheRealBozza  or @RobbieSlater17 ? 
Hard to say! I’ll say they’re both very knowledgable but I like @TheRealBozza’s philosophy

Alex Wain: It’s still a painful memory for all #SydneyFC fans but what do you think went so wrong @gomvfc in the Grand Final? 
They were just better on the day, that’s the past though and we look forward to the future!

nathan: How does it feel being the best midfielder in Australia? 
I don’t know if i’m the best or not. The most important thing is doing my job and helping the team


Chris: What team do you play with on FIFA and do you use yourself? 
I don’t play FIFA, I prefer Call of Duty 

Burney Wong: What do you think of the @Socceroos ? 
They are good, they won the Asia Cup which is not easy, they have good players

jaxhead: What are some of your favourite musical artists at the moment? Do you like Fetty Wap #1738  
I like many! Chris Brown, Young Thug, Bryson Tiller

Anthony Agostino: Has Mark (Mercato and cucina owner) looked after you? How do you rate the place? 
Yes! It’s nice, it’s original and i like it.

nathan: You a fan of AC Milan? 
Not a fan, but they are a big club with a big history.

Anthony Solano: Mickael, you completed 63/64 passes last week.. disappointed you couldn’t get to 100%? 
Yeah it’s a shame! Hopefully i will do better next game

Alen: What do you most like about Sydney?
The weather, the beaches, the people

عمو بابا 22 @manusFad22: Who is the best player in the world.? 
At the moment it has to be Messi! My favourite player was Zidane 

Anthony Pavlidis: What is your favourite moment in your footballing career?
Qualifying for the Champions League with Slavia!


Nicholas Rupolo: Hey Mick – Pumped for the derby? – also who do you support overseas in the euro leagues?
I support @FCBarcelona @Arsenal & @OM_Officiel

Johnson ZHANG: What were your emotions like when you see @abbas86_ali scored on his return from heartbreak injury? 
I was very very happy for him, he really deserved it. I saw him working and waiting for this moment

Johnson ZHANG: You watched Romeo Castelen play against Guangzhou Evergrande, what did you think of that team? 
They’re a good team, the best in China. Big money, big players. I’m looking forward to playing them

Johnson ZHANG: Who is your favorite teammate you worked with at the Sky Blues rather than your cousin Jacques Faty? 
Everyone, I don’t have just one special one!

md.: Mickael, if you score the winner in the last minute on Saturday how will you celebrate? 
I don’t know, i don’t score a lot so i don’t have a special celebration! We will wait and see 😉

md.: Hey Mickael, who do you dislike more – Wanderers or Victory?
I’m not focussed on that, I just want to win. I haven’t beaten Victory so maybe them… 

Rory Carroll: Top two biggest adjustments to A-League? 
To adapt to the weather and the pitches. The pitches are harder here than Europe

Chris: How do you think Blackwood has gone in his last couple of starts? 
He’s doing good, he just needs to keep working! His time will come soon!


Johnson ZHANG: Which team did you find very difficult to play against during @ALeague times and why? 
There isn’t just one, Brisbane are playing good football though

Rory Carroll: Coke or Pepsi? 
I prefer water, it’s better for you!

Johnson ZHANG: Mickael, you have played in two Sydney derbies. One last season and one this season Who was your toughest opponent?
Castelen because he is their most dangerous player

Anthony Vescio: Hi Michael. Which starter Pokemon did you choose? 
I never watched it, it’s a bit past my generation

@SaraIsSkyBlue: Hi Mickael. It’s been almost a year since your first game for @SydneyFC. What has been the highlight for you? 
The Grand Final because we did well to make the final, it was our objective when we arrived

Burney Wong: Do you think Ricardo Faty would ever join the A-League? 
He’s doing good in Turkey but in the future why not! He would be good for the league

Burney Wong: Goodluck on the weekend! What do you like most and dislike most about Faty? 
I like that he’s funny, he’s real but i really dislike his snoring!!! He snores like an elephant!

Alex Lucas: Having played for other clubs overseas, How does the Sydney Derby compare to other derbies you have been a part of? 
It’s nice, about the same atmosphere!I I can really feel the competition, it’s a great feeling

sam marrone: hi Mickael, what is your ultimate favourite action movie? Also let’s smash them WSW.
Man of Fire!